SBY in Shibuya 109

January 02, 2013

So I had a chance to visit Shibuya 109 on the second day, but 2nd day is another story. I want to let you know that there's a store on top of Shibuya 109 building, called SBY, and they sell lotsa gyaru make up and circle lenses!! 

They also sell other accessories and they have cafe, but because I love make up so much, I decide to only take pictures of the make up lol Are you ready? ;)

They have the secret candy magic that I wanted yay!! I bought one pair already and used it everyday ever since, i must say that the comfort is comparable with acuvue, I dont feel like wearing any lens!!

The CM is featured on the make up stall! And there's like sample to see the whole collection!!! I got no 15 instead because Tomomi wears no 15 too lol

My favorite lashes, diamond lash!!! 

Apparently, they sell wig too! And they only feature the picture on the card, so if you want to buy it, you give the card that you want to the cashier and she will get it for you !

Along with some hair tools sold!

Nail polishes and make up!

more lensesss...

What do you think??? I think personally it's really really a good place and a better heaven than any watsons or sasa, it's small but all the products are so tempting!!

If you ever have chance to visit tokyo and love japanese beauty products, make sure to take a visit to SBY, it's on the top floor of Shibuya 109, and you will be satisfied with so many beauty products range they can offer to you!

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  1. That is truly a heaven Stell <3 btw circle lens di situ mahal bgt :(

  2. *_* OMG so shiny xD
    Can't stand the price tho

  3. How i wished i can go there T__T .
    I want that Blue and Pink pastel hair tools very much