Just Some Purikura

January 21, 2013

I am sorry that I haven't been able to make a blog post due all my schedule in Japan is so packed and I was sick for 4-5 days too T T

I almost abandon this blog for a week, but I have no time nor power to make a blogpost as my stomach still has problem T T
But I still want to share my happiness in Tokyo with you, so here are some pictures of my purikura with my friends in Japan! 

With all the gaijin gyaru during January meet up! From Asia, Europe, America! Sugoiii~!

With Michi, Steffie, Ash

With Su, from Korea

With Ayaka, Japanese Make up Artist!

The purikura machine in Japan is the best photoshop in the world! But sometimes they make the eyes look too big so it looks kinda strange -_-" 

If you have chance to visit Tokyo, dont forget to try purikura! My favorite is the kyari machine that I used with Su!
Today I am going out with Tina and will have purikura again! I hope I can share it to you guys! ^_^

I am sorry this blog is very pointless in this month..

Oh anyway, I have extended my trip in Japan as i have some business to do.. So yeah.. Pay more for my return flight T____T This is how much I love Japan


No la, in fact kinda get bored in Tokyo and i miss my mom's cook, but I have some important appointments so like or not must extend haha

You wont see me anytime sooner in Indonesia lol 

Bye now!

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