Japan Day 10 : Tokyo Disneysea Part 1 !

January 25, 2013

I was contemplated whether I should make Disneysea 2 parts or no, because it's just too amazing and I took so many pictures!! Beware of your internet crash, girls!!

And prepare towel for wipe your mouth as this is super fantastic!! ^.^

Oh anyway, I am sorry I skipped Japan day 9 because I was at home all day, resting my body.. And blogged for your pleasure lol
As I am going to Disneysea and Disneyland 2 days in a row, I need to have healthy body so yeah!

And I went to Disneysea with my friend, Su, from Korea! I bet you all already know about her because I mentioned her a lot ^.^ She's studying Japanese in Tokyo now and she hasn't come to Disneysea so I forcefully asked her to accompany me lol As it would be very pitiful la to come to theme park alone T___T

If you go to Disney Theme Park, then you have to arrive at Maihama Station. Took me 3 trains to arrive there. And lost too T___T In the end i made it yeah!! 

When you first arrived at Maihama Station, you will be presented by Disney Music to boost up your children mode lol Or that's at least what happened to me..

They played Beauty & The Beast Instrumental Song and I felt like a child again T T

My breakfast while waiting for Su. Onigiri and Juice from Konbini.. Got cheap stuffs cos Disney is already expensive T_T

Su is studying in Japan and she had her exam on that day, so I had to wait.. We thought she would finish at 11 but then she was last so she came very late haha.. I ate breakfast first so

I swear my skin is getting better and better in Japan!! I did not edit my skin, and I only use primer + little amount of BB Cream !! 

While waiting for her, I kinda wandered alone around Disney Area.. And I was amazed by how magical the area was! 

Took the Disney train to go to Disneysea!


The weather on that day was a little cloudy and windy, but not as cold as usual, so it's just a perfect weather!!

Saw disney hotel!!!!

And then saw Disney Sea!!!!!!!!!

It's not even what's inside please, it's just outside LOL

And I already danced alone there wtf, seriously I really jumped following the music and sang along because I was sooo happy!! Which I believe that 99% of you would feel the same!! LOL

I feel like a child again, and I grew up by watching Disney cartoons! Especially Donald Duck!!

Camwhored by myself before Su came!

Didn't wear my lenses because usually Su didn't wear either.. Wasn't very satisfied with my hair because the wind kinda blew it so it's kinda messy T T

For one day, it costs you 6300 yen [80USD?] and for 2 days it costs you 10.700 yen [140USD?]

Which is very expensive.. It costs like 3 months lunch in university LOL
But since I am in tokyo, obviously it's a must visit!! 

Su then finally came!!! She was very cool on that day! 

Okay, DisneySea now!!

One Piece : EGOIST
Outerwear : EGOIST
Nude thigh : Daiso
Over knee socks : Random shop in Harajuku
Shoes : Shop in Shibuya 
Bag : Zatura

One of the rides, Tower of Terror. The best in this park!

I wont speak a lot, but I tell you that's the best and most enchanting theme park I have ever been so far! Everything looks so real!!! And the rides are awesome and well made!!! Su who had been to Europe before said that Disney Sea really made the area looked very similar to Venice and such...

That's how awesome Japan Disney Sea is

oh, and you can only visit Disney Sea in Tokyo because they dont make other Disney Sea anywhere else as far as i know

Lucky us we didn't have to wait that long for rides, as not so many people go there on that day. So we only waited for like 5-10 minutes for each ride!

That mountain is a ride anyway. You get the roller coaster inside the mountain. It's called Journey to the Center of The Earth

Another ride of the park, 20.000 Leagues Under The Sea.. You're brought under the sea to see the underwater world

We played for like 1 hour and so, and then we headed back to the Mediterranian Area to watch their Day Parade!!

Su is amazingly beautiful. I hate taking pictures with pretty girl, I look ugly hahaha
no la im kidding, I love her :3 <3

Tokyo Disneysea Day Parade !!!

The Legend of Mythica!!!

The Mickey came out from the ride!!!

Up high!!! <3 <3 <3

The Musical Parade is very fun and cheerful!! The dancers were dancing with all their powers while keep smiling to entertain us!

Minnie came to the center and danced together~!!

So many pictures of the parade but I didn't bother to upload everything or your computer might explode lol

Oh anyway, i didn't bother to edit the pictures on photoshop to change the color of the pics or so, because I think Disneyland is already beautiful in their own way without photo correction

And you know, Japanese people are toooo stoic... Su and I were like "GYAAAA SUGOII"


"sugeee sugeee!!! mite mite!!! "

And all the japanese people were so quiet and didn't even clap while Su and I clapped after the performance
I bet they're very annoyed by us haha 
But still, who wouldn't be that excited after watching that kind of performance?

Su said Japanese people dont really show their feeling so yeah lol

I will upload part 2 again later!

Su and I were ready to embark a new journey after the amazing parade~! 

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