Japan Day 8 : Odaiba !!!

January 24, 2013

Odaiba!! I am not sure whether you have heard about it or not, but then Odaiba is really a popular place for Japanese to hang out! Especially for, dating . . . . T T 

ANYWAY, If you watch a lot of Japanese Dramas, you will be familiar with this place cos I am sure that I saw this area for countless times when the romantic scene comes *feelingbitter*

And somehow I wish I came there with either HYDE or Sakurai Sho from Arashi *gets slapped* but someone can dream right LOL

And you will know why this place is popular for dating, now! XD

I went there with Shintaro-nii and Maki-san! Everyone that I met in Japan said that I had to go to Odaiba so I asked them to accompany me LOL 

It's on sunday so both of them are free!! 

The scenery of Odaiba is really beautiful!! On that day, it was a little windy and freezing, but it felt peaceful and calm

Went Liz Lisa style cos I just bought the dress outerwear and bag from Liz Lisa.. I wasn't really into sweet stuff in fact, but then I was hypnotized by the store I guess T T 

Got my make up into droopy eye make up too.. Make up and hair is much better than the day before. Everyday I try different make up and I feel my skin is getting better. Everyday I learn about new things, and everyday I see beautiful gals in Japan with nice make up, so it's like a study trip too for me!

I usually did make up and hair for 3 hours but after been here for weeks, my skill is getting faster and faster. Now i only need like 1 hour or sometimes less!! o_o

And then when we headed for lunch, we saw this. . . .

Surabaya!! lol

They offer Indonesian food in Odaiba!! LOL
Proud or not!

So Shocked~!!!

Shintaro-nii teased me "let's eat indonesian food~~!!" and I was like "NOOOO~ In japan, eat japanese food!"

Like previous trip in korea, I force myself to eat korean food everyday cos it's not like Im going to visit it again anytime sooner, and their own food obviously tastes better in their own country. That's my, trip policy lol 

So we headed for ramen instead!!

This place looks so traditional! They served a lot of ramens from a lot of areas in Japan!

We got Japanese fried rice, with pork..

Maki-san's Hokkaido Ramen!!

My Hakata Ramen!!! 

OMG Look at those oils and fats *-*)/ I love fats LOL

Shintaro-nii Dry Ramen

After that we went to see the Giant GUNDAM in Odaiba Area..

Dress : Liz Lisa
Outerwear : Liz Lisa
Bag : Liz Lisa
Nude Thigh : Daiso
Shoes : IwearUP 

Some people say that they couldn't believe I wore dresses or shorts during winter.. Well to be honest, I wore layers of clothes! Inside Liz Lisa I had like 2 shirts to make me warm, and although you cannot tell, but I was wearing nude thighs all the time

A lot of questions like "Arent you cold?"

Well, it's cold, but then again I already tried my best to make myself stay warm yet quite fashionable lol 

Then went to Gundam Store to buy souvenirs for my friends.. My guy friends would like me to bring them Gundams but it's too heavy so I just bought them snacks..

Even the staff dressed up in Gundam theme! Hahahaha! Cute right???!!

Sightseeing in Odaiba again...
Shintaro-nii said I looked so damn lonely and sad LOL

Like most people that I saw in Odaiba, are couple, holding hands, hugging.. And i was like T_____T

So okay, picture with Maki-san then lol

One day I will come again to Odaiba with my boyfriend LOL *self-pity*

And so Odaiba is just perfect for date because it's far from Tokyo center area, so it's more quiet.. The scenery is beautiful and calming.. Good food and good place to walk around
And at night the bridge will have lights or waterfall IDK but I heard it's amazing..

Also met the Statue of Liberty LOL

Now I feel like in America LOL

That's all!!!

At night we ate Yakiniku at home! Shintaro-nii bought wagyu beef!!!!!! And I swore it melted inside my mouth! Even the pumpkin and onion are SWEETS omg I fell in love with onion in here cos it's sooooo tasty unlike in Indo!

That night is one of my best dinners in Japan

I got wagyu beef, along with Tororo that I love, sweet pumpkin and super delicious Japanese onion, altogether with some fresh tomatoes, and completed with my favorite drink in Japan, peach cocktail! I love PEACH!!!

Next post is.. Disneysea!!! Please wait!!! XD

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