Japan Day 10 : Tokyo Disneysea Part 2

January 29, 2013

Hello everyone! Back again with me and Su in Tokyo Disneysea LOL

After having a break from part 1, this is part 2. And obviously, more pictures in this post, so you can enjoy Disney Sea at your home too.. I brought my huge DSLR to this theme park for your pleasure. So you guys can know how amazing this place is ^.^

And in case you have chance to visit Japan, probably you want to put Disney Sea into your list!! 
Disney Sea is beautiful, Su & I really had a great time there.. You can see it by yourself too now~~!!

I wont really put many words as it will ruin the breathtaking pictures lol unless it's necessary hahahaha

Okay, American area now!

Su & I walked around Disney Sea again to get into rides. But then everytime we spotted something cool, we instantly camwhored instead lol lucky both of us like to take pictures so it's done in instant

Like one of us will say "That area looks cool!!!!" 
"Ok pic!!!" 
"You first!" 
"Ok!" *pose*  "You want to?" 
"Yes!!!" *pose*

And it happened like hundreds times LOL ? 

Because Disney Sea is too enchanting so we kinda forgot the main purpose of playing.. Every section in this park is unique, and beautiful. I didn't put everything because you will load this blog post too long, and probably will be bored of our face haha.. 

Met this cute mascot~! 

Other mascots were too popular, so we just got the unpopular one such as this chipmunk lol Less queue

I think we're in African Area after that? Everything looks traditional and jungle-ish

When queuing for ride <3


You guys watched Aladdin right? He's the antagonist in Aladdin and the face in real is seriously very scary o.o

Su asked for pic with him and he was like "okay"

When I said I wanted to.. He quickly ignored me and walked away.. 
Then I ran to him and pulled him like "onegai onegaiii.. sashinnnn onegaiii~~!!!" LOL

Then he looked at me.. and walked away again so I had to pull him wtf

Su just laughed at us I guess..

In the end, Jafar got mad at me LOL and I was afraid of the face LOLOL

Ok la in the end got pic with the famous Jafar~!

Genie was busy giving autographs so we didn't ask for picture

Yes guys, the Disney Characters give autographs -___-" I feel kinda ridiculous la LOL
What is Genie's or Donald's autograph for?? LOL

Please, if it's HYDE's autograph, crawl or die I will get one lol

Oh anyway now we're in Arabian area~~ That explains? 

Then moved to Mermaid Lagoon~! They make it like the real underwater world!!!

But hey, everything looks so real in Disney Sea~!!

Then England area? Reminds me of Harry Potter Hogwarts XD

After we had enough of pictures and rides, and the sun almost set, we decided to get popcorn to fill our tummy.. There were a lot of popcorns sold in Disney Sea, and every stall has their own taste. We decide to try the Apple Cinnamon because it smells very good, and it's very unique!!

Please la, where can we get that kind of taste again???? ;___;

And it is like the TASTIESTTTTT popcorn I have ever got in my entire life. I wanna go back to disney sea just to get this popcorn please ;___;

It's that delicioussss!!!!

If you come to disney sea, must must must get this popcorn ok! It's at American Harbour Area!

Went to Toy Story Area afterwards.. 

Then we headed to the Mediterranian Harbor again to watch the night parade!!

And seriously, this night parade is like the best water parade I have ever seen in my entire life. It is lovely, and colourful. The music, the dancers, the lights, the fireworks, the animations, etc etc, are like the best. Japan, you're too great T T <3

They used real fire btw O__O)/

Okay Disney Sea is over now. But the memory will stay still..
I immediately said goodbye to Su as we had to go home after that.. The day after, I had to go to Disneyland with Michi, yay!!! 

I hope you enjoy Disneysea post ^.^ 

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  1. Such a wonderful place ever! Of course i'll put this place on my list when i visit Japan... Thx for sharing... :)