Japan Day 11 : Tokyo Disneyland Part 1

February 02, 2013

I hope you guys are still interested with my Japan Trip, because I have so many things to blog about. After Disney Sea with Su, I went to Disneyland the day after with Michi. She's from America, and moved to Japan because she's married with a Japanese guy. Because she hasn't been to Tokyo Disneyland, she decided to tag along *I kinda dragged her though lol*

I have never been to any Disneyland.. Not even Hong Kong one because i have never been to HK LOL
Kinda feel proud and happy to the max as my first Disney is Tokyo Disneyland!! XD 

Now, onto the post~!

Michi and I arrived early, from 10a.m when it's opened. Tokyo Disneyland is much more crowded than Disneysea, and that day was colder than before.. I had to borrow Michi's scarf and gloves because I was freezing T T

But my heart was super warm because Disney characters were welcoming us after we stepped inside the gate!!

We could take pictures with the characters but the queue was very long, especially popular characters. So we just took with some and didn't bother to, because we wanted to play inside lol

Cinderella's fairy godmother!! <3


Goofy ~ :3

One Piece : Liz Lisa
Outerwear : Liz Lisa
Bag : Liz Lisa
Stocking : Daiso
Shoes : Shop in Shibuya 109
Gloves & Scarf : Michi's lol

First thing you saw after you got out from the artificial gates and buildings is, Cinderella's castle!!

And it doesn't look like winter in Disneyland, with so many beautiful flowers and pretty garden, i feel like time is stopped here

Before Michi and I went to castle, we decided to play some rides, and visited some areas..

One of the rides are Tom Sawyer Island Rafts. You visit their artificial island to experience the environment.. Which reminds me of Indonesia, really lol

We decided just to explore around the forest while waiting the boat to pick us up again.. And obviously, camwhore~!!


Then after playing like 4/5 rides? We headed to Cinderella's castle because I wanted to take pic with it lol

To be honest, I prefer Belle to Cinderella. But it's ok lol

Disney Princesses were there to greet children! I wanted to take pic with them, and it's obviously easier for me because all the Princes and Princesses were foreigners lol so they speak english lol
But they kinda ignore me and focus on the children >:(

I also have dreams like them laaa lol

So we had fun by ourselves, by taking pics with the castle!! Very dreamy indeed!!

And you can also get inside the castle, it's called Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall.. I was curious so yeah lol

And afterall, Disney rides are mostly just you go sit on a ride and see beautiful stuffs or story. It's not like thrilling rides because it's focused on children --"
So dont expect to have that many things to play since most of it are basically same, just with different theme lol

But obviously, the dolls and decorations are made pretty well and neat!! ^.^

Okay, let's go inside the castle!!

The halllll!!!!!!!

I wish it could be my room lol

Trying on the famous glass shoes lol

And sitting on the crown chair mwahahhaa~~~!!! 8D

That's the garden of Cinderella's castle! Very very clean!! I didn't see even a single trash!!

Can someone build it for me? *puppy eyes*

We headed to Fantasyland area afterward!! 

Found this super cute hat but in the end I didn't buy it because I am sure I would be only wear it once, in Disney T_______T

Max fluffy and soft and adkasjd;laks T____T

When I told mom, she was like "you should buy it as souvenir, not like you're gonna be going to Disneyland anytime sooner"

Yes, but I am very stingy to myself, while I bought lotsa souvenirs for my friends T________T

Ok la.. At least I have visited Disneyland while majority of my friends haven't.. So just share the happiness to them through souvenir. I was happy enough <3

With Michi <3
We're waiting for the day parade!! 
We're on the same age btw, but she's already married and I was like "what have I been doing so far" 

Because she's into Liz Lisa style so I kinda got into Liz Lisa style on that day too. Like before, I tried to match Su who was kinda rock-ish lol
As for me both styles are ok la.. Depends on my mood, and companion

Michi brought karaage and potato salad, so we were eating lunch while waiting.. Michi was very housewife like cos she brought everything!!
She even prepared the towel so we could sit on the street while waiting for the parade

Everyone were sitting neatly! No one cut the queue, no one throw away their trashes, no one steal someone's stuff.. Just, amazing lol

So here it is!!!

Tokyo Disneyland Daytime Parade : Jubilation !

There were hundreds of pictures of the parade but I tried my best to cut so it wont slow down your internet ><

Minnie came first for welcoming us! The parade lasts for about 20 minutes, filled with Disney Characters and dancers!! It was very lovely!

Yeay~!! Beauty & The Beast~!!

The same Cinderella and Prince lol


Now here comes Pooh and friends!!

O hello Aurora~!! 


Dont say you never watch Lion King T______T

Lilo & Stitch!!

I still remember F4 was singing Cant help falling in love with you and had lilo & stitch clip on their music video lol

Peter Pan~!! 

Kinda have Peter Pan Syndrome.. I hate aging, and hate to be adult T_T
Means more responsibility and you cannot play anymore T__T

Was proud of my camera for taking very clear image although he's very up far from me lol
Although it's sooo heavy but it did well, good job good job

Pinochio XDDDD <3


Oh how I loved Monster Inc XD

And in case you didn't notice, see the tire of their car. It has Randall, the purple Lizard LOL

RAWR~! <3

Toy Story!!!

I cried on Toy Story 3, damn T______T </3

Was very damn sad when Andy had to let go of Woody and the others because he grew up already. Made me realize how many years have gone by since the first time I started watching it.. And now I am an adult already and feel like I cannot play anymore, same like Andy T___T

Ok la, complicated feeling but urgh T_T

And last, are Mickey and the team! 

Micky said goodbye to you too!! ^___^

Disneyland Part 2 will be coming up soon! Hope you like it~!!

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