Japan Day 13 : Refleurir Butler Cafe : Shit Butler Says

February 12, 2013

I told Shintaro-nii that I wanted to visit Host Club because it looked interesting from what I read on Shoujo Manga. But he's very worried about me so he suggested Butler or Maid Cafe instead.. Told Toru-san afterward that I want to go to Butler Cafe in Akiba, and he brought me to Refleurir

We went there straight from Shibuya after visiting Be-Staff Make up School. Akibahara is quite far, takes about 25 minutes by train from Shibuya.. But Akiba is really a different area compared to other areas in Tokyo. It's really anime-ish, otaku-ish, and fun lol

I was running around Akiba to get pictures of real Otaku, and it looked very silly as if you see, a gaijin gyaru takes pic of otaku, it's very wtf lol But in the end got no good pic cos they're very fast hiding their faces. I guess it's cos they're too used to taking pic of someone else so they know if they're being taken pictures

Hence I will just simply blog about the Refleurir Butler Cafe XD Which is like, one of my main highlights on this trip xD

Like any other places, Refleurir Butler Cafe is located inside a building in Akiba. We used google map to reach there

That's the waiting room, the place is very dark dunno what for lol 

One of the butler receptionist told us about how the cafe went. We had to order one dish and one drink for 80 minutes stay. Then he brought us to the real cafe

When I stepped inside, the butlers greeted us in a polite manner. They bow while speaking "welcome to the cafe" in very polite Japanese. Then Toru-san said that I came from Indonesia, so I only understand a little bit Japanese. Then one butler, with glasses, spoke english suddenly!!!

O____O)/ <3

So that butler became my butler on that day, so I can enjoy the butler cafe experience fully XD 
He spoke in a very formal english as well and very fluent so if you're a tourist, I do recommend Refleurir Butler Cafe as they have a japanese butler that speaks english.. Other cafes mostly dont have english speaker butler. I know there's an english butler cafe in Shibuya, but the butlers are white people lol

I want, japanese!!! lololol

Very classy right!

Unfortunately I cannot take picture of the restaurant or the butlers in charge, they do not offer service of photo either [some cafes charge about 1000yen for a picture with butler] so yeah, I let the imagination goes inside your mind lol

Pardon my messy bangs T_T and make up is done at Be-Staff Make Up Studio

There were 3 butlers in charge at that time. An ikemen [means good looking] butler like anime, his hair is styled perfectly and has anime face. Very pretty one *_* but he doesn't speak english hahaha, I wish my japanese were better so I could get him as my butler LOL

Then there was a tall butler that looks very manly one. And the butler in charge of my table, is the small sized one LOL if you say in manga, he is a character who is the smart type. With glasses, speak english perfectly, and behave very nicely. But not very dependable? LOL
Ok I read too much shoujo manga XDD I wish to get the ikemen but it's ok XD

Like I said, we had to order at least one food and one beverage. You can order one dessert and one beverage too. But I went with today's set because I was quite hungry lol 
They offer like about 50-60 types of tea o_o So I asked my butler *coughs* what he recommended lol as I don't like bitter stuffs

I got mango tea thanks to him ^.^ Each of us had tea pot so you can drink as many as you want lol

I can pick my own tea cup set too!! Picked september because it's my birth month. But you can pick other tea sets according to colors or flower. I just picked my birth month. Lotsa possibilities XD

Here are some foods from the cafe = 

That's ice cream with apple flavor!!! *_______*
Very very refreshing. The taste is very light and not very sweet for all the foods. They really make it according to women's taste XD

Here's Toru-san[right] and his friend[left], I am sorry I forgot his name T_T

Toru-san friend is the one who distributes Fairy Drops Mascara and he gives me one cos he heard from Toru-san that I am a beauty blogger. I told him that fairy drops are very popular but difficult to purchase and ask him to bring it to Indonesia XD

He said probably yes haha. Any of you are interested with fairy drops? :D

Anyway okay okay I know you guys must be very curious about how it feels at Butler Cafe. So I wrote these "Shit Butler Says" after I came back from the cafe so I wont forget lol

Please take a look lol

Some shitty things that they said =

B : Butler
S : Stella
T : Toru-san

T = "Could you please help us taking picture?"

B = "I am sorry Danna-sama, Ojou-Sama, I am only a lowly servant and I have no right to touch you nor your personal belongings otherwise Big Master would be angry to me"

B = "My lady, in here you can pick your own tea cup, which one would you like to have?"

S = "I think I will go with this September tea cup" *points at a rosy flowery cup* 

B = *comes with mango tea and puts it nicely* "My young lady, September flower is Daisy, do you know what Daisy means?"

S = "No, what?"

B = "It means beautiful and pure, like yourself My Lady"

S = *whispers to Toru-san* wtf, what does he know about me lol

S = "Your english is very good! Where did you learn it?"

B = "With my all respect I thank you My Lady, I learn it at Cambridge"

S = " What what!!" o__o

S = *whispers to Toru-san* Hey, I don't think it's real, they just want to make it sound high class lol

B = "My lady, please call me when you want to refill your cup. The tea pot is very dangerous and Big Master would be angry if you hurt your precious fingers"

S = *whispers to Toru-san when the Butler doesnt see* I dont believe it's hot at all!

T = *touches it* Yeah it's not LOL

B = "My Lady, I know you since you were from a little kid, so please, order me anything! Your order is my pleasure. I will do anything"

S = *almost splashes my tea* "w-what!!!!" o_o

B = "Yes you can order me anything, my name is xxx *i forgot wtf* so please, do something like, xxx, ocha!"

S = "... Uhm okay, XXX, Ocha kudasai!"

B = " kashikomarimashita, ojou-sama, my pleasure" *pours mango tea elegantly*

S = "Shitsujin-san, can we please take picture together?"

B = "I am sorry my young lady but I cannot take pictures with you because you and I are from different status so with all my respect, I cannot be on the same picture with you"

S = *whispers to Toru-san* polite way to refuse the photo session~

B = "My young lady, Big Master has prepared for your carriage and it would arrive within 15 minutes so please be ready"

S = *whispers to Toru-san* They ask us to go, time limit lol

B = "Young lady, It is my honour to serve you. Under, we have prepared for your pink dress to keep you beautiful so you may take it and please be safe on your travel" 

S = *goes down and comes back to Akiba, the reality* where's my dress??!!! LOL

I think they mentioned so many things but I laughed a lot and I enjoyed every second when I was there so I apologize I cannot mention every single thing.. But it's very good and I really recommend you to go to Refleurir!!! Especially if you're a gaijin/foreigner that wants to experience Butler Cafe but cannot speak Japanese!

Oh anyway, I also felt special cos they said I was the first Indonesian customer MWAHAHAHHAHA 8D

I really want to visit it again if I have chance to come to Japan again, after all though it's pricey but it's quite fun and funny experience lol
That's all for now~! :D 

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