Review : Etude House Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blush

February 19, 2013

When my cheek is dry, I relay on cream blush because powder blush will emphasize the dry skin more. I was afraid that my skin would be very dry during winter in Japan, so I ordered these blushes on that's very easy for traveling due to its squeeze tube packaging. I know it's old make up line from Etude House but as they dont carry other cream blushes at the moment so I have no choice XD

So, here's my review~!

Miss Tangerine Cream Choux Blusher comes in a squeeze tube packaging, almost like a big size of lip gloss due to its appearance. This plastic made blush is also perfect for traveling as it's not fragile and very thin, so it fits make up pouch a lot

Unfortunately like any other Etude House / Korean products, there are not so many english instructions on the products. So if you're a very detailed person that want to know the ingredients and such from a product, your desire wont be satisfied. But I am usually just if it's good then it's good lol

It's very easy to squeeze the right amount of the cream blush, so a good point for Etude House. As some products is very difficult to produce right amount, some are too little, some are too much. You only need a little for your cheek anyway so make sure always squeeze tiny amount first

Here I use no 1, Miss Tangerine, to let you see the texture

The cream blush is very creamy, rich and moisturising, feels light on skin and gives vibrant color on skin. The result is matte so it should look more natural. It blends easily on cheek. You can use dual fibre brush or your finger tips to apply on the cheek, but as for me I prefer fingers because it's faster lol 

Here's the swatch comparison of the color =

Left to right = 1 to 4

No 1, Miss Tangerine, is a bright orange that will give fresh cheerful look
No 2, Miss Peach, is a soft peachy coral color for mature look, perfect for everyday look
No 3, Miss Berry, is a cool-toned pink color that gives dollish cheek
No 4, Miss Grape, is lavender color that will become pale pink once it's blended, some people use this color for highlighting

And that's how it looks like when it's blended.. I usually blend it on my cheek with dab motion lightly, I prefer to squeeze tiny amount on the back of my hand then blend it there. With whatever I get on my finger tips, I apply it lightly layer by layer on my cheek. The key is to build the color step by step to achieve the intensity that you want! :D

Final Opinion = 

Pros : 
  • Travel friendly due to its squeeze tube packaging
  • Easy to spread on and blended
  • Gives natural matte finish
  • A little goes a long way
  • Last long on skin
  • Doesn't emphasize dry skin, quite moisturising
  • Can be used for lip cream as well

Cons : 
  • Only comes with limited 4 shades
  • Doesn't go well for people with dark skin

Overall I really love this product but I only use no 1 and 3 because no 2 and 4 are too pale for my skin ><;
I am also afraid that it's very difficult for darker skin people to pull the colors off as it's more suitable for fair skin. I wish Etude House would start thinking about overseas buyers more as they're going global. The shades are pretty but fairly limited, so I wish they'd produce more shades in the future

I got mine from Rie Butik so if you're interested to expand your beauty collections, go ahead to their site :D

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  1. Эшли НоумлейMay 3, 2013 at 10:09 PM

    I would like to see how will be a lilac colour on face C;