Review : Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm

February 14, 2013

Recently I have been worried about my pores more.. I feel that by having poreless face, my face will become more flawless! So I was searching for an affordable face primer that's focused on pore erasing, and I picked Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm!! 

Lioele Secret Pore Rich Balm promises to cover enlarged pores, wrinkles, lines, and other skin perfections. Makes your face a flawless canvas ready to be put other beauty products. It also mentions that it will make skin softer and smoother, both in appearance and real feeling

I kinda gamble for this product because I dont know what works good or no, I am too lazy to see other reviews now because I believe in my opinion more LOL I want to try it by myself first!!

So I order this from Rie Butik and it arrived safely at my place, then I instantly fell in love with it! I also brought it to Japan, talking about how deep my love is.. Why is it?

First of all, the packaging is very pretty, although quite bulky so it's not travel friendly. It also comes in jar and doesn't provide spatula so it's not very hygienic. I usually scoop it out with my Q-Tip.. The packaging doesn't impress me that much, but it's made from glass so it looks kinda expensive but the pink cap makes it look playful as well!

It comes in 20 ml products but a little goes a long way so it should last you really really long time. What I love is that the texture is very very soft and feels like, silicone? The texture reminds me of L'Oreal base magique face primer, but this one is softer and lighter

The balm is supposed to be used before your foundation or BB Cream to give poreless face appearance. It is very easy to spread on and light on skin, it is not sticky and doesn't have bad smell. The color of the primer is white and becomes transparent once blended, but as it is transparent, it doesn't have color correction ability like other primers.. The only purpose is to make your skin look flawless

I love to apply it with dab motion because it will give maximum coverage. And here I will show you the before and after

 Left is after using the primer only, and right is without primer

You can clearly tell that my pores look smaller and skin look flawless after only using the primer!!! *_* Also skin looks kinda brighter too. In real life it does look better than picture

I also feel that my skin becomes less oily when I use this primer before hand!!

But as I have combination skin with dry skin on jaw area, I tend to avoid those areas when using this primer. i only use it on my T-Zone and cheek where pores are more obvious, so it should do you enough too if you have same skin type with me ^.^

Final Opinion = 

Pros : 
  • A little goes a long way
  • Gives brighter skin
  • Covers pores flawlessly
  • Conceals fine lines
  • Easy to spread on
  • Feels light on skin
Cons : 
  • The bottle is pretty heavy and bulky
  • Doesn't come with spatula for hygiene issue

Overall I am very impressed with this primer, I love it so much to the point I brought this to Japan as my only primer XD

I really do recommend this product if you want to have flawless face too! ^.^ 
Got them from Rie Butik and they offer a very reasonable price, so you can purchase it from them if you're interested :D 

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  1. Did you like this or monistat better?

    When I was looking for monistat reviews, I saw a discussion saying that monistat's dimethicone dose is high and can cause really bad clogged pore :(

    Until now soooo afraid of using pore-smoothing primer :(

  2. Awww I thought its a skin product! :(