Little Update About My Hair

February 26, 2013

Though I dont really want to talk about it..

But a lot of people have wrong perception regarding my hair
 I talked before about my hair tragedy that caused a big commotion.. And in fact, it's true

I almost went bald.. Literally
And in fact my hair is getting thinner and thinner each day..

After I wash my hair, after I dry my hair, after I comb my hair, even after I wake up
That's, the truth..

Because of the S Salon that sponsored my hair before and permed my roots, my roots became so fragile and cannot stand my hair. Therefore it causes hair loss and so on

A lot of people ask me "eh I think your hair is getting better now!"

Well I did a good treatment now, I use L'Oreal Professional Damage Care to make it at least can be combed through. But the hair loss cannot be changed

EVERY one says, that my hair cannot take it anymore due to the damage.. And when you say "oh the hair is getting better" it's because you only see the front area. The front area has no perm, but on the top of my head, it's the problem, the back side as well

But is it permanent loss?

No.. The cause is the root perm, and the perm is somewhere about my ear now
So my hair is like this =

Straight for 10cms, very very damaged fragile around ear, then after that it goes straight again

And I have mentioned it countless times, I am waiting for the time the hair reach my shoulder, then I will be cutting it to shoulder length. Then the problem is solved

My hair had always been pretty and received a lot of good impressions so I am in fact very disappointed how it became one of the most shameful things on my look now.. 
I always said my hair was probably the straightest and the easiest to manage, but now I dont even think anyone can defeat my damaged hair lol

Looking back now, i used to have a very very soft and thick hair

Yes, although I have been bleaching my hair for years, before I went to S Salon, my hair was still at its best condition

Here are some photos anyway 

From the first months of 2012 [Yes, I got my hair sponsored by S Salon after June/July? That's the start of the nightmare]

I did not even iron my hair to get that soft smooth straight hair.. See how thick my hair is? Untangled somemore ;_;

That's when I could get soft curls too. With thick hair

I knew it takes a long time to curl or dry my hair because it's so thick but then, maintaining it is pretty easy. I did it by myself mostly so it's not a problem

And here's my recent hair, exactly one year after that, in Japan


If you say that there's no difference, then I dont know what to talk anymore
Clearly my hair is thinner and I can say that it's only 1/3 left..
I am really trying my best to hold it as long as possible T_T until the perm reaches my shoulder..

Anyway, I also never intended to cut hair but I had to, it used to be around waist but now it's around my chest area. It is to prolong the hair, so it can stay until the perm reaches decent length

Therefore I really beg, please do not ask "how's your hair condition" as I have this question countless times :(
It kinda makes me heart broken because it reminds me again about how damaged my hair and how much hair that I lost..

Also I heard that some people said I was ungrateful because I was sponsored but I talked bad about the salon. No. I said the coloring in the salon is ok, but I was disappointed because they permed hair root which they should have known it's damaging for my hair, and still blamed me for not taking care of my hair.. 

Moreover, I did not talk bad about a sponsor just bcause they stop sponsoring me. AND, I was the one who stopped it. I have my right to reject sponsors that I dont want pls. I may be not rich but I'd rather paying than losing 2/3 of my hair..

Now fighting is useless as I have to let my hair survive till that time..

It will still take like 6 months I think to cut it to shoulder length? I really wish that time would come soon..

Anyway, my hair right now is taken care by the Indonesia L'Oreal Professional Team. So I dyed my hair last time at their office. I must say I am quite lucky to be treated by them because they dyed my hair very very carefully to not cause any more hair loss

The progress takes a long time too because they dyed it every 10 hairs ? lol 

The products used for my hair are from L'Oreal, same like other salons, but the difference is the one that took care of me and the technique.. The educational manager takes care of me directly and he's very skilful

He even recommended me to cut my hair like Victoria Beckham, Pixy cut like that.. But I am not confident enough. My hair has always been long and thick and mom said I'd look ugly with short hair lol

I am not really sure whether I can pull it off well, but then.. Idk.. I am looking for a nice short hair cut though. Preparing myself for the day
If you have any good recommended short hair cut, please comment below and let me know!

The only thing that's improved about my look is probably my skin haha.. Last year my skin was horrible!!
I'd probably make a video about my skin care routine later, so bye bye for now! ^.^

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  1. terus gmn stel efek pemakaian innisfree shampoonya yg prnh direview? masih pake sampe skrg atau udah berenti? hehe

  2. Jiejie, how about bob? Bob hairstyle is cute, just like tsubasa masuwaka \(´▿`)/

  3. ka, mau nanya dong.. rambutku lagi rontok-rontoknya nih gara2 sering di color udah gitu pemakaian hair dryer ama catokan tuh sering banget.. sekarang rontok terus jadi takut nih, jadi parno... ada saran ga gimana caranya? worse is, i have tiny hairs on top alias patah banget yang malah jadinya keliatan pitak... TT__TT jadi takut keramas sama nyisir nih aduh gimana ya caranya.. takut beneran abis nih rambut :((

  4. Hi Stella...mau nanya untuk L'Oreal Professional teamnya itu lokasinya dimana? rambutku udah setahun ini rontok parah banget setelah bleaching di salon "S" itu juga... sampe sekarang udah perawatan macem2 ga efek juga, dah ampir keliatan scalpnya :( Pengen coba yg L'Oreal ini mudah2an efek atau ada rekomendasi lainnya... Pleaseee helppp...