Review : Dr. Chuk Chuk Peeling Care

February 27, 2013

O Hello~ I am back again with another beauty product to introduce. It's Dr Chuk Chuk Peeling Care for face! I have reviewed the Body Care before, which turned out pretty good ^.^

Hence I was curious about the face peeling as well, so here it is!

First of all, in terms of packaging, it has similar simple white packaging like the body peeling. Only, it's smaller. It contains only 100ml while the body has 300 ml

The other difference is that it comes in pump instead of spray type. The pump is very easy to dispense so it's not a problem. I usually get 3 pumps for my entire face :)

Dr Chuk Chuk Peeling Care is from Korea so it explains the hangul written on the bottle. But good news for you, they offer instruction in Indonesia too! ^.^ 
So even a beginner can understand how to use it well

The disappointment about this product comes when we talk about the product itself.
I am a fan of Cure Natural Aqua Gel and it's like the best skin exfoliator because we can see the real dead skin cells, not from the product

But Dr. Chuk Chuk comes with so watery texture, and it contains the small fibers that looks like the dead skin cells wtf -_-"

You will understand once you see the picture!

That's the normal liquid from the peeling care.. The texture is so watery and runny so it's very difficult to apply on face too as the water drops from my face ><
Do you see the fiber inside the liquid?

And the picture above, is when I just swipe the liquid once, it already turns like that -_-"
Never I feel so cheated before  -_-" Because we're talking about a peeling care that's supposed to remove dead skin cells, but normal people wont really take notice of how this product does nothing to us

The fibers that look like our dead skins, are in fact come from the liquid itself.. As this product doesn't really do anything ARGHHH~ *fliptable*

Do I get my dead skins removed? I dont think so.. I neither see nor feel the difference after I use this product. I would not bother to mention my final opinion either because it doesn't have any good points to be mentioned.. Bad points are, everything lol feel so upset to the point I dont know what to mention lol

Will you bother to pay for a product that lies to you? lol

By the way I got this from MyLovelySister and it's not their fault that this product is such a rubbish lol so you may still come to their website and check other products!
Like, dolly wink ? and other korean japanese products xD
but for this peeling care? MEHHH~ =_=

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  1. ci stell, udah pernah coba pelling dewytree blom ka ?
    Hhee, soalnya baru sdkit yg ngereview nya ..
    Jdi penasaran