How to Massage Your Face in 1 Minute

February 08, 2013

Hello hello!!

Just a quick post to let you know that I just uploaded a video about how to do massage on your face at home. Do it for 1 minute everyday, and you can see that your face will be healthier and suppler!

I also notice that my face is getting slimmer because the skin used to be sagging, so i looked fatter LOL

Try it at home and prove it by yourself!! ^.^
You can also see some clips that I took in japan, the beautiful scenery of Menard Aoyama Resort. SNOWWWWW <3

Oh anyway, I use menard lisciare massage cream because I use this complete range for months. Do wonder to my skin! Still imperfect but better than before!!

If i am not mistaken, now Menard Lisciare Cream just arrived in Indonesia. So you can go to SOGO/Seibu to try it out :D 

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