Review : Holika Holika Pore Cover BB Balm & Pore Cover Powder

February 22, 2013

Do you know why Strawberry becomes the icon of Pore Cover line from Holika Holika?

That's because Strawberry, has big hole pores that's very noticeable, so this line promises that they will cover your pores like covering strawberry pores. Moreover, anything about strawberry will be pink and seem sweet so it's like a real deal to catch girls' heart. So am I lol

Therefore I got 2 products from their line which are the BB Balm and Powder as I am very concerned about my pores recently! So here's my review = 

The packaging of Pore Cover BB Balm & Pore Cover Powder from Holika Holika looks so, cheaply made to be honest :x They dont have their usual cute magical decorations but only rely on the bright strawberry pink colour. It is also only made from plastic and gives glossiness that enhances dirt or finger tips more. So thumbs down for the packaging

I chose no 02 which is medium beige. They only carry 2 colours so it's such a disappointment, but most Korean brands only carry limited shades so yeah.. They also contain SPF 30 PA ++ to protect your face from sunlight, a normal benefit that every BB Cream offers so I am not impressed

It comes with a sponge to apply the BB Balm. Wet the sponge and then dab it on BB Balm to get the product. It doesn't work that well without wet sponge so make sure you do it before hand

The texture of the BB Balm is rather thick and creamy, and kinda drying. So it's more suitable for people who have oily skin. The color kinda matches my skin at first but when it's blended it becomes lighter than it's supposed to be.. I dont know why o_o;

As you can see that the coverage is pretty good and covers up pretty well. But still, I am NC 25 and it's still too light for me? 

And here's the loose powder! It comes in round shape and include a soft powder brush with cute ribbon on top. It contains SPF 50 PA++ to protect your face even more, so by using both products, you are promised to be protected completely from sun ray ^.^

The texture is kinda chalky and dry. It is supposed to be transluscent loose powder, means it doesnt have colour on it, just to set your make up. And I can tell that it makes my skin looks and feels smoother. It also makes my face less oily because of the small particles

Left = bare hand, right = BB Balm + powder

Anyway, here's how it looks like on my face = 

Before, you can tell that my face is not flawless at all. And cos I am back to Indonesia, I gain new pimples urghhh T___T

After using the BB Balm, sure it's quite covered but it looks greasy and my face looks super pale -___-"

Left = bare face, Right = With BB Balm

I really hate the fact that it changes my skin tone drastically. I know some people would die to have fair skin and use foundation that's much much lighter than what their real skin tone is, but seriously?
I am very against that idea because for me the best color is your own skin tone

Also from far away you can tell that it's quite flawless compared when you zoom it up. The coverage is very good but it's somehow to thick for my taste :x

Left = bare face, Right = BB Balm and Powder

I kinda feel a little relieved because the powder kinda tone down the fairness. It is still look lighter than my actual skin tone but at least it looks more human lol
But it's also probably because the BB Balm has super bad white cast as from the picture below, I didn't use any flash and it looks perfectly fine o.o    

Though I must say in real life it still looks kinda cakey, so it's really a complicated feeling :x
It gives nice coverage but so dry on me.. I assume this product is not that bad but it's just not made for me because I have combination skin, where the dry area tends to be very very dry ><

Final Opinion = 

Pros : 
  • Great coverage, covers pore nicely
  • Makes skin less oily
  • Offers SPF 30 & 50 and PA ++

Cons : 
  • Cheaply made packaging
  • Horrible white cast ><;;
  • Very dry, tends to look cake
  • Thick texture

I would recommend this product for those with super oily face, I am sure it works better on them because of the texture and coverage of the BB Balm. But please avoid using this for flash photography as the white cast is super terrible, otherwise you will look like a ghost ><;

I got it from Rie Butik, do visit her site to order super cheap Korean products!

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  1. I considered buying this product but after reading the review, this is definitely not for me! I hate cakey and thick base makeup and my skin type is combination too. Thanks Stella <3

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