Stella Lee Beauty Class Again! In Jakarta! :)

February 23, 2013

Hello gals!! ;)

I received so many good responses from you regarding my beauty class and so many people demanded me to come to their cities to hold a class. I'd love to, but I have my own job and I am still studying too so I should look for a good time ok ^.^ but thank you thank you!

But it's obviously easier to hold another one again in Jakarta, as I am living here. So yes, I am holding another Beauty Class again in Jakarta!!

The picture has no connection with the beauty class, just it feels boring without my picture wtf lol
It was taken in Japan a few weeks ago so yeah, you'll learn to look like me LOLOL

Here's the detail =

When = Sunday, 10th March 2013. From 10 a.m to around 1 p.m

Where = Grand Indonesia, the Coffee Bean Cafe, UG Floor

What you will get = 
- 3 hours beauty class including lunch and drink
- Goodie bag from Menard [Including Beauness Toner Mini Bottle, Herb Mask Mini Bottle, Menard Blotting Paper, Beauness Mask Sheet]
- Shopping voucher from Reine Doll Shop
- Chance to win TWO sets of door prize for Best Make Up! Yes! 2 Winners! ^.^
- Set of Fake Eyelashes
- A print out of lesson

What's provided there = 
- One mirror for each person
- One bandana for each person
- Eye Make Up Remover
- Q-Tip & Cotton Pad

What's the door prize = 
Worth almost Rp 2.000.000 for each door prize!!!! That means Rp 4.000.000 Menard products are going to be given away for one class!! Chance you win is 1/10 approximately!

Door prize includes Menard Tsukika Cleansing Cream, Menard Tsukika Washing Cream, Menard Tsukika Massage Cream, Foaming Net, Eyelash Curler, Jupier Volume Mascara Waterproof, Menard Lip Treatment, Menard Lip Brush

What you should bring = Your own make up products! Bring what you need to learn and basic make up products! I will still bring my own products and you can try on the spot if you dont have them, but it's good to make use what you already have well ^.^ Also please bring your own make up brushes!

Price = Rp 350.000/person, or Rp 650.000/pair

How to Join = Send your RSVP to with subject = beauty class, and tell me your name, HP, and how many person! ^.^

Option = My friend sells a set of make up brush, Rp 95.000 for 12 basic brushes from China. So if you want to order it along the class, you can mention it on your mail!

P.S = The class is only open MAX for 20 people. Because I want to teach and talk to the participants one by one. As too many participants won't be effective! Also, if the participants are less than 10, the class will be cancelled. Just in case :P 

I am looking forward to meet you and share my beauty tips! ^0^

The lesson will be about full make up, including base make up, eye make up, skin care tips, and anything! It's supposed to make you like a gyaru lol 
I already learn a lot of new tips and techniques while I was in Japan and met with their pro MUA's so yeah, hope I can share it nicely in the class :D

But obviously if you are not one or dont want to be, and prefer korean or other styles, you're welcomed as well XD

See you on the class!!! :D

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