Flaunting February

February 25, 2013

Not really..
Life has been boring for me as my university has started again.. I had 2 weeks holiday in Jakarta so I spent it by meeting with all my friends. My junior high school friends, my internet friends, my blogging friends, my high school friends, uni friends, and others.. LOL

Considering that, this holiday I have a lot of met ups and more productive than last holiday so it should be good

After coming back from Japan, I am more determined to learn Japanese. I only knew super super basic japanese before I came to Japan. But in Japan, everyone praised my accent in Japanese. They say that I speak perfect Japanese accent like native o__o

The bad point is that, I only know basic tourist sentences lol

So for the first time in my life I also feel I am accepted
In Indonesia I am not accepted because I have disability called cadel wtf lol
In english, they still say that I have asian accent and cannot take it off lol
In mandarin, I speak wrong tone lol

But only in Japan they say that my cadel-ness [cannot speak R] is perfect!!! LOL
Idk whether I should say thanks or not, but yeah...

So I have been learning Japanese in holiday too!

And because I am such a cheapskate, I dont get teacher or go to course or buy the book but I download ebook and print it on my own LOLOLOL

Book that I download is Minna no Nihongo, it's recommended by my friend so yeah.. They have 25 lessons and I only learned to chapter 10. But even though if I finish the book, I am still under categorize of elementary school level lol

I will, try my best lol

One of my lessons besides reading the book, includes translating songs, watching doramas, and watching shows, that includes Arashi LOL <3
Probably that's my excuse to have fun lol
I am a fan of a Japanese boyband named Arashi :D

If I must categorize, my most favorite boyband is Arashi, my most favorite band is L'Arc~en~Ciel, and my most favorite singer is GACKT. Arashi is like number 1 boyband in Japan and sells millions of cd's and everyone knows them ^.^

I like the one named Sakurai Sho. He's very intelligent! :D

I have, a thing, to smart guys lol

If you have any time to watch drama or listen to new song, please make Arashi to your list :)

But then IDK if my japanese has been improved or not T_T It's very very difficult to the point I almost gave up.. I am still trying my best but urgh.. Learning a new japanese is very difficult!
But I'll try my best!

I used to be very stupid too in english but I worked this far :D
I used to always watch drama with indonesia subtitle, and when i first got english subtitle, it's so fast and I couldnt catch up. Now I can watch english shows without subtitle and can even interact fluently. If in english I can do it, I have faith in Japanese I can do it too..
And if I can, you also can :D

I dont know how many years I must learn Japanese to reach that level, it's gonna take so long but I am sure if I work hard I will be able to watch Arashi shows and dramas without subtitle <3 ^___^

Moreover, after coming from Japan, I also want to lose a little weight! >_<
I do not say I am fat or not confidence about my body. I always think I am normal, average
But japanese girls are very skinnyyyyy ;___;

So I just want to lose 2-3 kg's.. I am 155cm and 44-45kgs.. If I become 42kg's it should be good!

Therefore I have tried cutting my carbs and eat more fruits and vegetables.. Sometimes my dinner is only apple too ;___;

But then I do not lose any kilo although I have been doing for 3 weeks!!!!

In fact, ever since years ago I have noticed that, no matter how much I eat or no matter how much I didn't eat, my weight stays still. So it's really depressing T___T

I really admire those who can lose like 10-15kg's because they must be very determined. I cannot even lose a single kilo T___T

I miss french fries T__T I used to eat it 3 times a week T3T I havent eaten it at all since I am back to Indo aaaa.. My diet is very useless!! ><; 
So I dunno anymore lah *throws apples away*

Btw, I got a new natural wig!! It's from Hazelnutz Cawaii, and it's Japanese wig so it's very very natural ^o^ I cannot wait to do review and make a natural make up tutorial with it!

Sorry I didn't put make up on the picture lol but, all of you are used to it right xD

Please wait for it~! (^__<)/

Anyway, after coming back from Japan I become poor again lol
So I made a blog sale HERE xD
Some stuffs have been sold out when I announced it on facebook though.. ><

If you're interested in any product, please send me email!
I will be updating more products later so feel free to check it, or keep updated with me on twitter *wink

Moreover, because so many requests, I also open a new beauty class in Jakarta. You can reserve your seat too! Read the post for more info! 

That's all for now!

Okay I am back studying again, like a good student lol

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  1. first of all, let me say that i have no grudge against you. i think you're amazing and you get what you earned. so what i'm gonna say to you simply because i'm concerned. i've been reading your blog for some times, thus i notice that you've been complaining quite a lot about indonesia. well, i guess it's your opinion, but it would be nicer if you tone it down a bit. since you're living here and most of your readers are from here. so it's just a gentle reminder, hope you're not offended by it, because i don't mean so. and.. good luck for everything. :)