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These products are my own, and the products condition are stated. If you're interested, please send me email at with subject : "beli produk"

First come first served, no booking!!
Payment within 24 hour or the stuff will be given to the others

WAITING TRANSFER = Menunggu transferan dari peminat pertama, bila tidak ada kabar, akan dioper ke peminat kedua dst

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Brand New Coverderm Concealer
Harga = Rp 300.000

Lancome Genifique Youth Activator. Super in loved with this one, and this is my 2nd bottle, but then I changed to Menard. This is only used twice. Original price is Rp 1.000.000
Harga = Rp 750.000

Lancome vissionaire Corrector. 65% Left. Original price is Rp 1.000.000
Harga = Rp 500.000

Kanebo Lunasol Modelling Water Liquid Foundation. Brand New, Shade B020, Suitable for MAC NC25-30 I think
Original Price is 5000 yen
Harga = Rp 375.000

Brand New Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle BO-O2, perfect for NC25-30 I think. Original Price around Rp 525.000
Harga = Rp 400.000

Coverderm Classic Foundation Shade no 2. I have another one that matches my skin, which is shade no 14. No 2 is darker, only used twice.. Original price around Rp 525.000?

Harga = Rp 375.000

BRTC Gold Caviar BB Cream, 95% Left
Harga = Rp 200.000

Set Forever21 Crayon Eyeliner in BK & BR
Harga = 50.000/set


MAC Prolongwear Lipstick Dress It Up
Used twice 
Harga = Rp 155.000

Brand New Mac lipstick in Intricate. Original Price Rp 210.000
Harga = Rp 135.000

Brand New Elastine Intensive Damage Care Shea Butter Treatment [From Korea]
Harga = Rp 45.000


Ingni Coat [from Japan]

Original price is almost 5000 Yen, Used 4-5 times?
Harga = Rp 300.000

Forever 21 Pastel Sweater

Brand New, Bought it accidentally, Mom said I looked good on it but I dont really like blue lol

Harga = Rp 135.000

Forever21 Wool Cap 

Brand New. Harga = Rp 50.000

EGOIST Striped One Piece

EGOIST is an expensive brand from Japan, famous for its simplicity and quality.. Original price is around 6000 yen [Rp 700.000] 
All Size
Used twice / thrice in Japan
Harga = Rp 275.000

EGOIST Sexy Black One Piece

Used it twice in Japan, Has V Neck for sexy look, and strings that you can tie on your back to create thin ribbon
All size
Original Price around 6000-7000 yen?
Harga = Rp 275.000

Ruffle Skirt

Brand New in Black and Brown, All Size
Harga = Rp 65.000 / pc

Pearl Necklace

Brand new. Harga = Rp 50.000

Some Berets, all are Brand New = 

Harga = Rp 35.000

Also, one beret has studded = 

Real color is khaki beige. Harga = Rp 35.000

Some Random Socks that I bought in Japan, all are Brand New =

Black Glittery Leg Warmer
Harga = Rp 50.000

Fur Leg Warmer 2 Way
Harga = Rp 50.000

Simple Black Leg Warmer
Harga = 40.000

Tunic Socks
Harga = Rp 50.000

Tunic Knee High Socks, has christmas pattern
Harga = Rp 65.000

Elegant Flower Sock, kinda look like snow
Harga = Rp 50.000

Popular Nude Tattoo Thigh, has polkadot pattern. From Shibuya 109. Brand New
Harga = Rp 125.000