Etude House Sweet Recipe Line

February 21, 2013

Hello guys! Back again with Etude House Pink Box! This time Etude House sent me their newest line which is Sweet Recipe Line. As you guys can tell from the name, the line is inspired by any sweets that will make your face sweeter as well LOL

So here are some items that I got :D 

They have their Sweet Recipe Sliced Cake Puffs that's in fact just an ordinary sponge make up to apply your BB Cream or foundation on face. I love how they make it neat, although the quality is something that you can always get at any drugstores. But who can resist the pretty box?

Moreover they also have some new nail polishes that's made to look like Ice Cream Cone when it's flipped backward. I received 4 shades and I didn't bother to swatch it on my hand fingers because I have my gel nail extension at the moment, but I tried it on my foot nails. The texture is such a disappointment because it's too watery, and the colors don't show up pretty nice

I only like the blue one because it's opaque and easy to apply! The colors are pretty too!

The main star of this line is their Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base, and it has 3 colors to choose from. I get no 02 Berry Choux that's supposed to brighten up your skin tone. It is inspired by a cream puff cake I believe. The texture and the smell are not like make up but like soft cream cakes instead *_____*

The texture is in fact kinda rich and creamy, also kinda fluffy and bouncy, so it's very moisturizing on face. The smell is heavenly because it has sweet fragrance like tart/cake, and I feel like eating it lol 
In fact I kinda wished to get the green instead to cover up redness on face

It has SPF 25 PA ++ for your sun protection too! ^.^

At first it's kinda difficult to blend and it takes quite a long time to blend it nicely on skin. But I love the finishing result, it gives dewy healthy skin and it improves my skin tone as it looks brighter! Not whiter, but less dull so I love it! :D

Left is without the base, right side is with base
You can clearly tell the difference right! ^.^ <3

Last is their Dear My Jelly Lips Talk. It's a lipstick that promises a jelly-like texture so it should be very moisturizing, easy to glide on, and natural! Turns out I really really love it because it has jelly fragrant as well!! Everything on this line has very sweet scent *____* <3

The packaging is similar to every recent etude house dear my lipsticks, but this time they got a little deco stones around the lipstick as a highlight. I got JPK002 and at first it looks like a bright red lip color so I was kinda afraid to try it o_o

It turns out pretty nice, with a very pretty color that can instantly brighten up my skin tone as the color is quite bold yet natural because of the glossiness. I love how easy it is to be applied on my dry lips because of the jelly texture, it's similar to Holika Holika jelly lips, but much better in texture. As for the result, it's something that you can always get from Maybelline Water Shine lipstick as it's not that spectacular but as you get better packaging, better scent, and also better texture so I wont say no to purchase this lipstick instead

So that's all from Etude House Sweet Recipe Line!
You can purchase this newest line at your nearest Etude House Store or any online shops that sell it! ^.^

I hope you like it!!

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  1. Omg everything from them looks so cute ^w^ !!
    Thanks for the nice review :D I'm thinking about buying the foundation :D