Review : Physicians Formula Nude Eyes

February 20, 2013

Hello! I hope you missed my make up reviews because I have a lot to share ^.^
This time it's an eyeshadow palette from Physicians Formula. It's an American drugstore brand and is said to be a dupe for Urban Decay Naked Palette. As UD palette is such a major hit, it's no wonder that a lot of brands want to taste a little success as well by offering cheaper alternatives

So here we go!

It comes with a box that screams "american drugstore" make up. It's simple, and not cute like asian beauty products. But at least you got english instructions and some how to do 3 different eye make up with one palette

To be honest, I kinda like the packaging. Although it's frankly speaking very very small, but the black lace wrapping the palette gives sexy seductive look and make it looks very feminine in an adult way. The colors can be seen through as it has glasses to cover it up, but in exchange you wont get mirror to see your reflection when you're doing your eyes make up. Make sure have an additional mirror!

It comes in 9 nude eyeshadow colors and one eyeshadow brush. The inside comes in plastic and feels very cheap, but that's what you get from drugstore.. It doesn't have name on each eyeshadow unlike high-end eyeshadow palette, which is in fact perfectly okay with me, but when you're having a tutorial and wanna let people know what color you use, it would be quite troublesome 

But for me the shades that they offer are really pretty and wearable! 

The palette is in fact quite small as it's as big as my palm only, but that means you can bring it for traveling or inside your make up pouch because it wont require a lot of space

They come with one angled eyeshadow brush. I dont like the brush anyway as it's made cheap and the quality is very low :x 

Here's the swatch on my arm, without primer, and needs 3-4 swipes to produce this color =

First of all, although it looks okay, but it's because I swiped it 3-4 times as if it's only once, the colors don't come out that well. While for The Balm and Urban Decay, it only needs one swipe and the pigmentation is even better than this palette

Physicians Formula Nude Eyes also don't offer matte eyeshadow, that's somehow needed for applying eye make up. I love shimmery eyeshadows but I wish that obviously they offer both matte and shimmer on the same palette. Considering that this palette has 9 colours, it's not difficult to just swap one color with a matte brown for contouring, right?

But anyway, here's my EOTD using the palette

I like how it gives very natural color on my eyes, but I am quite disappointed because the colors dont show up pretty well without base/eyeprimer. I created some natural gradations using dark brown on outer corner, and shimmery white on inner corner. I also smudged my eyeliner with the black eyeshadow to create soft line. Turned out the colors are not as vibrant as I expected :(

But with primer, it shows up better. Though to defeat Urban Decay Naked, this palette still has a long way to go..

Despite that, this is only about 10-11 USD on CVS, so if you're after a cheaper alternatives for an eyeshadow palette that consists of a lot of nude eyeshadows, this is what's the best drugstore can offer

After all usually 10 USD you only can get an eyeshadow quad

Final Opinion =

Pros : 
  • Cheap
  • Comes in 9 nude wearable colors on one palette
  • Has beautiful lace packaging
  • Petite size, so it comes in handy for traveling

Cons : 
  • Pigmentation isn't good [without primer]
  • Doesn't last long, the eyeshadows will fade out after a few hours [without primer]
  • Eyeshadow brush is made in low quality
  • Only has shimmer eyeshadows on the palette

All in all, I am not very impressed with this eyeshadow palette. BUT, if you want to try by yourself, go ahead. I got it from Reine Doll Shop btw, do visit her store if you'd like to place order of drugstore beauty products! 

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  1. warna nya banyak banget, packagingan nya lagi kecil jadi mudah dibawa kemana aja.