Japan Day 11 : Tokyo Disneyland Part 2

February 11, 2013

Hello Hello!!! Still wanted to finish Japan trip posts because I really have toooo many stuffs to blog about, although the post that I am making now was a month before lol But faster than Korea trip right XD I hope you're not bored. This is my last post of Tokyo Disneyland. Hope you enjoy the post~! 

So after watched Day Parade, Michi & I decided to explore the whole Disneyland by taking pictures and riding rides! There are more rides than Disneysea, but it's not thrilling at all although it's so fun and dreamy. And the queue are longer than Disneysea. But we still managed to ride a lot of rides!! During disneysea got more photos instead

So it's your choice whether you want to go to Disneyland or Disneysea but I recommend both because each theme park offers different feeling LOL

We traveled to Toon Town, a town where the disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Dolald, Goffie, and such live!! <3

All the buildings look so dreamy, and about to go against real architecture rules because of the shape is very wtf one lol but hey, that's what Disney is for. Imaginationnn~~~!! *sings in opera mode*

Okay, sorry, Idk what I am talking about :X I became very weird in Disneyland lol

This is Minnie's house!! We can go to a lot of houses but we decided to go with Minnie cos it's so cute! And other houses had long queue lol 

Let's go inside~!!! 

Michi really blended in with her Minnie's clip ear!! XD

Even the kitchen was so cuteee!!!

That's mickey house! You can also take pic with Mickey there but duuhhhhh, popular characters are popular, so there were long queues and I was not a fanatic fan of Mickey or character or what la pls

I will queue if it's either L'Arc~en~Ciel or Arashi or Gackt or Big Bang lol

More pictures of Toon Town~!

Went to Space area after that to play some rides!

This space mountain is indoor roller coaster that becomes one of my most favorite rides in Disneyland! Because inside when you ride it, you can see Galaxy and stars as if you're flying in the space!!!! O___O And it's just so amazing pls!! Cannot take pic when riding it la, my camera would have dropped lol

Because obviously I couldn't bring you to see how it feels on the ride, I only can present you guys with scenery pictures of Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland Nightime Parade!

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights

I must say I am very lucky cos I have my DSLR and know how to operate it quite well so I can take clear pictures of the night parade!
Each train/robot has different light so I had to set the setting within seconds to find the best setting! I couldn't rely on the automatic one because sometimes the camera is such a scumbag, and I couldn't use flash either because it would ruin the beautiful lights, and would bother the other guest. So I must hold my big camera still, if I shook it, it would be blur T T

But I am happy of the result! Not bad la not bad right lol

It was more amazing in real life though!!!

This genie is very interesting one. Cos the light changed according to the music lol

The parade was about 20-30 minutes and the music theme was changed everytime the new ride appeared, so it matched! Ugh Disneyland is just too awesome T___T

The funniest robot at that night! Monster Inc!!

Waiittt waittt!!!!

Here's what I called "surprise" XD

Boo was behind it XDDDDD Very funny hahahaha

This Cinderella dress is also made according to the real movie! It could change from the ugly dress ripped off by the step sisters, to the beautiful gown from fairy godmother!!! *_*

The gown lighting is too prettyyyyy!!! I dont even *______*

Oh that's the prince~ XD

That's only a few from hundreds of interesting electrical parade in Disneyland. If you want to experience it by yourself, save from now on your angpao or lebaran money to come to Japan lol find cheap ticket and cheap hotel, and go to Disneyland. Dont forget to bring Indomie too like I did to save money LOL

Cos it's like one of the best moments in my life pls T_T
Lotsa best moments in my life happened in Japan, within that one month T___T

Then after the parade, Michi and I ran around the theme park to catch more rides again!! It's so late so we didn't have to queue yeay, but we ran like crazy and it's so cold T T but fun experience!

Before went home we did shopping at Disney Store again! 
I bought souvenirs for my friends [too many lol I dont even have one for me lol] 

And I brought Disney Chocolate for Shintaro and Maki-san :D 

Shintaro said he really liked this chocolate and always got one from Disney so yeay :D
But i think Maki-san liked Silver Queen more lol she has finished 7 bars of Silver Queen before I left to Indonesia LOL 

Introduced Indonesian food again to foreigner yeay :D Mission accomplished lol

Okay that's all for now!! 
See you on next post!

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