Review : Menard Herb Mask

February 28, 2013

You guys must have known that I have been using Menard for quite a while. I focus my daily skincare routine with it, although I combine weekly skincare. I still use my Innisfree Jeju Clay Mask and other korean mask sheets weekly. Sometimes I also use Cure Natural Aqua Gel too. But I also trust Menard a lot therefore I scrub my face with their Herb Mask ^.^

Wait, Mask, for scrubbing? Moreover, herb? 

Yea I know it sounds so weird but it's true XD Well let's see it together!!

First of all, The packaging is pretty bulky and it contains A LOT of products o.o
It has 120ml of mask but in fact I have been using it for 4 months and I only use like 1/5 from the total product so it's such an investment!

I know that usually it only lasts like 2 months, but high end skin care works well so you only need a little amount of products compared than drugstores 

It comes in a jar and doesn't come with spatula so yes, hygiene police here! a little thumb down!
But it's ok, can always use Q-Tip!

What I love from the packaging is how they keep the simplicity with elegance. As the name goes, Herb Mask, the mask is very very natural cos it's made from herb la. But to make it look more convincing, the cap is decorated like a leaf. Stays pretty but not too much, that's nice!

And this is how it looks like. It smells soooooo relaxing, nice, and light!

The mask is in fact very creamy and rich, and it contains small and soft granules to help scrubbing/exfolating your face! The mask can remove your old dead skin cells and since it's made from herbal ingredients, it helps your skin to achieve brighter natural face!

Moreover, the soft granules makes it very gentle on skin, so sensitive skin people can also enjoy this mask!

Because of the thick consistency, a little goes a long way as it's enough to cover entire face with small amount. The scrub particles are very small but exfoliates skin easily. Anyway it doesn't cause redness or irritation because the particles are very fine, the rich cream also helps the scrubs to glide easier on skin

After I use this Herb Mask, my face instantly becomes smoother!!! o.O I recommend you to use this like 2/3 times a week to get rid of your dead skin cells fast. When you feel that your skin has been smooth enough, you can lessen the usage to once a week ^.^

Final Opinion =

Pros : 
  • Simple and strong packaging, comes with cute leaf cap
  • Has relaxing herb scent
  • Made from natural herb ingredients that's good for skin's vitality
  • The scrub has very fine particles
  • Easy to glide on face, very creamy
  • A little goes a long way
  • Can be used for any type of skin, including sensitive skin
  • Instantly soften out the skin
  • Removes dead skins gently

Cons :
  • Expensive 

I have no cons about this product, and it only comes when we talk about price. It's about Rp 700.000 if I am not wrong, but it last you for a really long time! So if you put enough care on skin, you would want to invest on this product!
You can go to any Menard counter to purchase it! ^^

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