Japan Day 2 : Shibuya 109 and New Year's Eve in Japan

January 07, 2013

Here's part 2 about my second day in Japan! After we finished kaiten sushi, we went back home for taking a rest, then we headed back to Shibuya soon after, because I would be going to Shibuya again with my friends on 2nd January, so Shintaro taught me how to use train by myself!

It was my first time going out in winter and it was very windy, I was afraid that my lashes would be flown away LOL #lame so I didnt put any, but now it's ok la, I wore it hahaha
Conclusion is, I looked very shitty on the first day going out.. 

The famous meeting place in Shibuya, hachiko statue!!! You've guys watched the movie already right??

So this is, SHIBUYAAAA~~~~~ :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

My picture on Shibuya Scramble Intersection!! If you watch a lot of Dramas, you will know what this place is! It's very phenomenal and thousands of people walk across this street everyday! The intersection looks very awesome at night.. And everyone who come to Japan, must visit Shibuya! It's like the heaven of fashion, especially gyaru! 

Shibuya area mostly consists of fashion shops, foods, and other stores. It's the fashion city in Japan! :hearts3:

Maki-san told me that the outerwear that I brought from Indonesia wasn't warm enough so I borrowed hers T_T thank you! :hearts3:

And what else to visit instead of the super famous Shibuya 109! Dont say me that you dont know about this place LOL I read a lot about this place from manga hahaha! Especially GALS. It's always been my dream to visit it! And now it has come true!! :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

So inside the 109, there are so so many gyaru fashion stores that you can choose. They have a lot of different styles, from sweet, girly, cool, wild, chic, etc!! All you want from fashion, is here!!

After took picture of Liz Lisa shops, I wanted to go around afterwards, but I screamed when I saw these babies!!!!!

Liz Lisa Make Up Products~!!!! 

And I was like "fffuuuuu!!!! VERY PRETTY!!!" :hearts3::hearts3:
It consists of blush on and lipgloss with flower decoration, and I have never seen a make up that beautiful in my entire make up journey!!!


In the end no, I didn't buy any.. It's so expensive.. If I am not mistaken the lipgloss is 2500yen, and the blush is 2800yen.. Idk T___T :heartbreak:

So after experienced Shibuya, we went home to celebrate New Year..

In Japan New Year isn't as big as in Indonesia. New Year in Indonesia consists of lotsa lotsa fireworks and even on my area, the fireworks dont stop for 2 hours straight lol
It's so fancy, to the point I feel "how much money they throw for the fireworks" LOL :regret:

in Japan, usually they have nabe and have family dinner. That night, Shintaro's brother came with his children but they're too shy so I didn't take pictures..

Soymilk Nabe! Inside they have cabbages, mushrooms, beefs, and tofus! 

It's very nice to eat nabe in winter, because it gives your body warmness 

While we're eating, we're also watching Kohaku! Kohaku is the new year show and almost every Japanese watch this at home. It's basically just a music show that features so many singers.. Mentioning Koda Kumi, AKB48, EXILE, Arashi, Golden Bomber, Momoiro Clover, and so on!

Arashi sang a few songs on Kohaku, and I am super duper happy!! T_T :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:
Because they're like my favorite boyband in the world, and I could never see them on my TV, nor my friends would know them.. Only a few Japanese addicted lol Everyone are into KPOP LOL

And for dessert, we got Creme Puff!!! Japanese creme puff is like the best of the best please!! They're very soft, but has a little bit of crunchiness.. They have a lot of creme inside and GOD, it's sooo sooo goodddddd T_T:hearts3::hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

 I cannot describe it but please, everything in Japan is very good

Japan has the best fashion, the kindest people, the best food, the best nailist, the best hair stylist, and so on.. But I dont want to live in Japan, so expensive lol
wait till I earn 5 million dollar per month LOL

And we must eat soba too in new year!! Maki-san cooked us Soba and it was good!! ^^

And that's how I spent my New Year's eve in Japan! How about you!!! What did you do!! 

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