Friday, February 19, 2010

The Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Review


I bought this from the skin food.. i thought it was such a mask which you can wash off, but..

totally wrong!!



Its not a mask, it's a scrub!!!

Korean people tend to call scrub as mask.. which Ive read once somewhere that they called scrub and "real mask" in english in same one word.


that explains why its layer looks so thin, I mean, it doesnt cover your face well

but dont get upset too fast! I decided to take a try on this product, which has been talked all over the korean make up lovers!



it looks rich dark brown.. which enriches the glamorous scent of this scrub..

believe me, when I first smelled the fragrance, I should prevent myself to taste its taste by licking it..

[and so sorry readers.. I lost the photos which I was using this product in, so no photos ): ]



the most amazing formula in this scrub is its enriched with minerals and vitamins, which are really good for your tired and unhealthy skin! this face scrub effectively exfoliates dead skin that prevents makeup application, while revitalizing skin.

quite amazing or not??

the texture is kind of harsh, because its made by sugar, remember? so once you applied it all over your face and massaged your face, it would be not gentle at all. not like any other scrub..

that's the best thing in this product after all! it throws away all of your dead skins by sugar, so you will feel your skin smoother!

but, I do not recommend this product for people who have sensitive skin. because it would damage your own skin..




1. People tend to wash their face first before getting this scrub. but I do this backwards! I put some tiny amount on my face first (:

2. If you want, you can mix it with a little bit water or toner.. then massage the scrub all over my face. following the directions of you face.. be gentle..

3. I do massage this for about 6/7 minutes. and I stop it for a while to let its absorbed on my skin.. leave it for about 3/4 minutes. then you scrub the rest again for about 3/4 minutes..

4. Wash your face with your cleansing foam or whatever youre used to using

5. Feel the difference! your skin should be smooth and shiny!!




as for me, I get amazed by this product! it removes my white head on my chin! even though the black head stays still lol

and believe me, I even scrubbed my mom's and dad's face. and they even said that they felt their skin was getting smoother and cleaner!

and so, you need to do this for about 2/3 times a week to keep your face smooth!




I'm not affiliated or even paid by any brands to recommend anything. I just use and promote the products that I believe in (:

bye now, folks!!


Skinfood – An Epitome Of Korean Cosmetics said...

[...] The Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Review « Stellalee's Blog [...]

yotsubatomiiko said...

wahaha kocak bener itu masker apa scrub

efek gambarnya Ok ;p

stella lee said...

itu scrub ternyata. orang korea slalu sebut masker sama scrub dengan satu kata sama. masker.. lol

Ting Ting said...

I love this as well. I alternate among a few other scrubs I have but everytime I turn to this, it makes my skin really happy! =) Oh, whenever I use this, I rub it on my lips as well and it exfoliates my lips really well!

Mine is running out though, and I can't find this anywhere in the UK now. =(

stella lee said...

hi! thanks for leaving comment here :)
yea i love this rather than the rice. it exfoliates my dead skin well! <3
really? then where did you buy it? i can supply some if you want to :D perhaps doing swatch or like that :)

shk said...

it is indeed a mask/scrub. the directions written in korean says apply on a damp washed face, gently massage in circular motions then leave it on 10~15 minutes. black sugar is known for its moisturizing properties. learn korean first then try to mock them. thanks

Harim said...

hi! i just tried it one tonight using the sample Skin Food Malaysia gave me...I agree with you Stella! jaw dropping looking at the result. black head gone, i can feel the harshness of texture as well, but it became softer when mix with water...

i will get this ASAP!!! :D

stella lee said...

yay!! :D I mix it with my toner sometimes because somehow if I use it too much, it will feel too harsh on my skin :D good luck <3

stellasmrdll said...

I just bought this online a while ago. It'll arrive next week and I can't wait to try it. I found so many raves about this. Thank you for the additional tips. Your blog is very helpful =).

Stella Lee said...

I hope you'd like it! Sometimes it's too harsh on my skin, but it exfoliates nicely
I'm glad you find my blog helpful ^^

Raely said...

I agree
I mix it with toner, it works so well
I love the smell, no more whitehead in my chin, and skin is softer... I love this mask #eh scrub! :laugh:

Stella Lee said...

yea you can also mix it with water or moisturizer!
I have finished this product, I'm using another scrub right now ahahhaa

erma riestiana said...

oalah..baru tau kalo orang korea ngmg srub itu mask..hahaha..pantesan kpn itu aq beli sample dari Skin Food Black Sesame Hot Mask kok ga kering-kering, trus waktu ibuku nyoba juga, q bilang kalo masker korea mungkin beda..engga kering ..hahahaha..

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