Thursday, April 28, 2011

Palty Bubble Hair Color Just Launched!


Yes girls! Palty has just recently launched the Bubble Hair Color version like what LIESE and other brands have [beauty hoyu, etc] ! Bubble Hair Color is an easy and fast way to dye your hair permanently and evenly!

Bubble Hair Color has been a huge hit ever since its appearance! LIESE is one of the best leading brands on this field, but sadly I adore Tsubasa who models for Palty, so I cant have liese eventho I really wanna try bubble foam because it says it works better instead of the ordinary one and it works more even and need less product T____T *truefanstory

but now,


With Cute Tsubasa's face and smooth silky hair of hers that everyone envy, who can resist this cute box? T__T


And so, a box contains these kits =

Basically its just an ordinary like what every palty has. the middle sachet is the protection conditioner to use before you dye your hair so it will make less damage. and you mix the first and second product on the left inside the pink cup and stir it well with the fifth product in circular motion until it turns into foam [about 20-30 times]

if you still dont have any idea how it turns out, you may check these pictures =

the third picture contains six main essential ingredients this products which will lead to less damage and smooth finish =

Camellia flower / Tsubaki - moisture ingredients
4 fruit extraction essences (orange, apple, peach and lemon) - moisturizer
High purity honey - glossy ingredients
Silk protein - long lasting color ingredients
Seaweed extracts - hair protection
Botanical protein - hair protection

Palty Bubble Hair Foam Comes in 10 nice shades [this picture contains 3 new shades of the normal version also] =



and guess, what's the other surprise comes from Palty?

It features KARA for its CM Model!

I think its really wise to promote with KARA since KARA is really famous in Japan


I love Palty more and MORE!

I Wish I lived in Japan where I can buy these stuffs easily T__T I still dont know any site that sells these stuffs, adambeauty and sasa dont launch this product yet, but lets hope that they will provide these soon! :)

How about you? Are you excited?


yumi said...

my cousin bought 3 boxes of these for me from japan, since she stays there~

stella lee said...

waaa! its awesome! i cant find any shop which sells it yet T___T youre so lucky!

Mariana said...

Hi, how are you? Japan was looking for paint and I found your blog and loved it! When I was in Japan used these same colors, but I confess I was in luck, because he could not read, your wanted some advice because I wanted to use these inks in Brazil, already working in the area and would like to use different products and what seemed that you really understand, he wanted his help to all that is good in the area of beauty in Japan! Sorry because I do not understand English, I used the google translator! Arigato!

Elly said...

hello, may I ask more about how to use it? :-D
So, we use the conditioner first, then must we dry it or leave it wet?
mix the first and second product on the left inside the pink cup >> we don't need water right?
how long we must wait until we wash it after application?

thank you so much! :-))

Stella Lee said...

Usually, I put the conditioner first to protect hair
Then mix all the ingredients, shake it, and apply it all over the hair. Palty suggests that you shall not wait for over 30 minutes otherwise it will damage your hair
I haven't had any chance to try the product by myself though :)

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