How to Find Your True Foundation Shade with L’oreal Paris True Match

August 21, 2017

It is always attractive to see pile of foundations stacking up in drugstore, promising me with vary selection of colors, sleek packaging and competitive price. But whenever I try those products, I get upset cause they did not offer colors that really match my skin. As an Indonesian, I have different skin texture and color that differentiate me from women from America or Europe, which made me relying on asian brands more for my face products. Therefore, I am really surprised that L'OREAL could meet my skin expectation!

L'OREAL Paris introduced me to its True Match Liquid Foundation with 8 beautiful shades collection which specially formulated to match Indonesian skin tone

The recently launched L'OREAL True Match Liquid Foundation comes up with a sleek, rectangular glass bottle with a nice silver pump. I like the pump tho, I just feel it is more hygienic and I won’t face trouble spilling bulky foundation over too much. It contains unique blendability formula with micro-fine pigments that specifically conditioned to match Asian skin tones and extraordinary smooth sensation when applied. Simply said, it will let you feels comfort like you’re having second skin.

Now, this is the best part I would like to share, the SHADES.
L'OREAL  Paris offered 8 beautiful satin finish shades:
  • G1 Gold Ivory
  • G2 Gold Porcelain
  • G3 Gold Vanilla
  • G4 Gold Beige
  • G5 Gold Cream
  • N3 Nude Vanilla
  • N4 Nude Beige
  • N7 Nude Amber

From bottom to top : G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, N3, N4, N7
It is much better to visit L'OREAL counter directly and swatch it on your face to find your true shade

Here's my FOTD using the foundation! Each of them has been specifically formulized to perfectly blend with Indonesian’s skin tone from fair, medium and tan. For me personally, my true match is G2 - Gold Porcelain. It amazed me when I tried to apply it to my face and I can’t barely recognize the line separate the bareface and the foundation. And you know what, it’s not easy for a foundation to get glued in my face due to its dry complexion, but L'OREAL beat that! It leaves me smooth and watery sensation, very light, natural and yet flawless (not even a pore shows up!)

 Awesome isn’t it? I tried using it in the morning and it stays flawless for 6-8 hours. It looks moist and dewy, very natural for daily activities. I will definitely repurchase this product when I run out

So, where you can get the products? The products can purchased at every L'OREAL counters all over Indonesia. Hurry find your true match and join #MYTRUEMATCHID competition on Instagram GET THE LOOK INDONESIA, tons of prizes are waiting for you!

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