Top 10 Things to Do in Prague

March 02, 2018

My number 1 destination in Europe for the past years has always been Prague. Thanks to my otaku side, I am a big fan of Urasawa Naoki, a mangaka that writes many thriller psychological mangas that I bow down to. One of his master pieces is MONSTER, and I am not telling you about the manga because I hate spoiler, you just have to read it, but what is carved in my mind is about the location of the story. It's set in Germany and Czech Republic mainly. One character named Grimmer said, 'a night in Prague is like Fairy tale'

Right after that, I googled about Prague and fascinated instantly by the beautiful city. Ever since then, I had always wanted to visit this fairy tale city. Maybe old-time readers know that I tweeted (yes, even during twitter time) or said on social media how I always wanted to visit Prague. So in Christmas 2017, I decided to fly down to Czech to experience Christmas, and what the city offers to me
1. visit old town square
Number one place that you should visit when you're in Prague is of course their Old Town Square. My hotel is located at Wenceslas Square, 10 mins walking distance from the town (Prague 1 is where you should search when you book hotel through agoda or other sites). Old Town Square is especially popular during Christmas thanks to its beautiful and renown Christmas Market. You can see even the biggest and brightest and best Christmas tree you'll ever see in your life. The Square itself consists of many restaurants, souvenir shops, Church of Our Lady before Tyn, and Astronomical Clock

Czech food mostly consists of pork, and the most famous one is probably Svíčková, In Christmas we had roasted pork along with some potato dumplings, a local cuisine loved by many. You can easily walk around the Old Town Square and see some restaurants mentioning 'Traditional Czech Cuisine Restaurant'. I just randomly hopped by most of the time. Though I am not a fan of their cuisine (maybe because I only visit touristy places), but eating local cuisines at every countries that I visit is truly an experience

3. admire astronomical clock

Astronomical Clock Tower is one of the most famous buildings in Prague. It is located in Old Town Square but when I was there, it's renovated. People still could go inside and climb the tower to get bird eye view of Prague (and it is the best money you'll spent in Prague, because seeing Prague from up town will definitely make you fall in love). Besides looking at Prague from the top, you can also learn about the history of the tower as well as see the 12 apostles statues of the clock that comes out every hour 


Churches make up to biggest tourist destinations in all over Europe, and Prague is not an exception. Prague churches are a little bit different than Barcelona or Paris' churches though. It implements gothic and baroque style more and it is nothing but impressive. I attended a Christmas Eve mass as well and it's definitely memorable

5. feed swans and seagulls

There's nothing more romantic than sitting next to the river that overlooks Charles Bridge while feeding swans and seagulls that are friendly to human. I was walking for hours in winter before I found the spot where all the swans gathered but it's definitely worth a walk. The swans are located on the right side of Charles Bridge (if you walk from Prague Old Town 1). Simply across the bridge and turn right, and you'll find them! 

6. cross charles bridge

Charles Bridge is probably the main attraction in Prague, that connects the old and new Prague. It has been around ever since 14th century. Statues along the bridge were added as the time goes. As of now, you could spot many local street musicians and artists, including a lot of tourists trying to get a taste of walking across the bridge  

7. attend classical concert

With its old history and culture as well as appreciation towards their own arts, your trip wont be complete without attending at least one or two of their classical concerts or ballet performance. There are a lot of places to watch them and compared to other countries in Europe, Prague is definitely on cheaper side! I had my Mozart Concerto at Clementinum, their salesman offered me the ticket outside the building and without second thought, I purchased the balcony seat for better experience! It's definitely the most well-spent CZK for me! 

8. be in awe for its beautiful libraries

One of the most beautiful libraries in the whole world is located at Prague, which is at Clementinum. You can google how amazing it is, but unfortunately tourists cant take pictures inside it. However there are other awesome libraries that you can visit while taking some pictures, such as Strahov on picture above. However since the books stored in the library are really old and considered national treasures, guests can only admire them from the gate 

9. eat lunch with charles bridge view

There are many ways to enjoy your meal and having it with Charles Bridge view is definitely a must do in Prague. There are tons of restaurants nearby Charles Bridge which you can pick. Expect spending a little bit more CZK because, well, you paid for a view

Lastly, there is nothing better than walking along Prague, enjoying the beautiful fairytale scenery with so many local musicians playing some classical pieces. If you're a romantic person, or love classical music, you'll fall in love with this place in no time. Prague offers so many interesting buildings and beautiful views. In Prague I only took Uber a few times for far away places but most of the time I walked across the city because they have so many beautiful art pieces (both traditional and modern arts) that you can spot every where

I guess you guys know how much I love Prague as of now and I really really want to come back again next time, but longer. The city has inspired me so much and it brought me back in time
I would even definitely recommend people to go here for honeymoon compared to Paris because well, it's much more romantic, and a little bit less mainstream haha

Hope this blog post would help you to visit Prague next time, and talk to you guys again on my next post! 

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