Todaiji Temple and Nara Park

May 11, 2018

Finally, I visited Nara last February along with JNTO and other bloggers invited for Blogger Trip! I had always wanted to visit Nara and feed the famous bowing deer, and especially the golden route of Japan that everyone visits for the first time is always Tokyo - Osaka - Kyoto - Nara. I have countlessly visited the other cities except for Nara that's why I was super excited to visit it!

A temple that I went before feeding the deer is Todaiji Temple. It's a famous temple that holds the largest Bronze Buddha statue in the world. It's been there since around 700 AD and weather was so perfect with clear blue sky during the day!

Just me as a comparison of the Buddha statue lol

After Todaiji Temple, we headed to the outer part of the temple which is Nara Park. There were countless of japanese deer asking for food. We purchased the deer cracker from the nearest stall and lead the deer to quiet park area for photoshoot

I underestimated the deer, I thought since they're raised in Japan and they have Japanese deer DNA, they would be polite and such but boy I was wrong. They attacked and bit your clothes, and I LEARNED FROM THIS MISTAKE, do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT WEAR ANY KNITTED CLOTHES because they would bite it and destroy your clothes. My expensive wool knitted cute sweater that I really love was damaged by them as they keep biting my clothes, asking for more foods. They're barbaric, I am serious

Nevertheless, it was quite an experience and I managed to take good pictures. Plus, I could say now that I have been there. However, for me deer in Miyajima Island is still my favorite because they're polite, quiet, and is not cracker-oriented lol

That's all for now, talk to you guys again on my next post!

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  1. The struggle to fend yourself while feeding the deers! tehehhe~

  2. you have no more rights to talk about that country anymore. even if what you want to talk is about truth. shut the hell up already