Palty Hair Dye Sparkling Blonde Review

April 26, 2010

as what i've blogged before last year when I traveled to Bangkok, I bought 2 big box of Palty Hair Dye for about U$12 per each box. I'm a big fan of japanese make up and hair care.. and I choose Sparkling Blonde because I love the color, Tsubasa looks very pretty in that!!

and so, Since I've graduated -ahem- from my school -ahem- today.. I quickly dyed my hair!





it should be look like this color if you leave it for 30 mins.. 2 big box with tsubasa's pretty face are such a love! <3

the back box.. i believe, you all are smart readers, just by seeing the picture will understand about it quickly, right? I dont understand japanese either but Palty seems offering pictures to show us the process.. nothing tells better than the pictures right?




but poor me.. I've got two tone annoying color which are so visible!!!!!!!

look at the roots! its so dark black, and the lower one is brunette.. i got it blonde last year and i dyed it two times to black afterwards because i still attended school.. but it faded away till it turned like that. So I gave up to dye it back. so awful!!!

planning to get extension.. what do you all think?





and so, let's check out what we get from a palty sparkling blonde hair color in one box!


1. Palty Mecha flash bleach

2. Palty Water Bottle (?????)

in fact, for other palty color, the water is not that liquid but more to cream. but I dunno why the sparkling blonde has its water like mineral water lol

and no, its not usual water for drinking.. it smells weird :/

3. Bleach Powder

mind my fugly nails =_=

4. Dye Comb

5. Gloves

6. Cap

7. Conditioner

to be honest, I regret using the conditioner.. my hair get so wet. and i tried to blow my hair to see the natural result but it still turned my hair to be lepek =_=

8. Manual

it's written in Japanese. but the girl character showed the way how to dye it well! so no need to undertand the japanese and dont be afraid if you cant dye just bcause of the language problem!

but if youre aging to know whats written, I believe soompi has translated it to english. just google for it






1.Check every ingredients whether its complete or not. I suggest you all to get it out from the box and put it together to easier the process

2.Make sure if you dye your hair at home, protect the floor by newspaper or anything works well. Pour the Bleach Powder to the Bottle no 2

3. And Shake it well. Make sure the bottle is tightly locked enough

4. Squeeze Palty Mecha Flash Beach to the bottle no 2 again, lock it tightly and shake it again until all the ingredients mixed up. Don't forget after that, change the bottle upper to the comb

5. Protect your clothes and neck is important. I dont know how come my mother has this shoulder protection lol

back from school and immediately forced mom to help me dying hair. face so tired and not even put make up yet photoshop the face =_=ll goodbye annoying two tone <3

doing this at my garage cause not want to be seen

6. apply the dye on your hair properly, and dont forget to wear your gloves :)

mom's so helpful! get a person to do this for you is such a love. i cant stand the bleach aroma. it hurts my eyes till need to close it for the process. it's so sharp and hurtful!

7. protect your hair with cap . it prevents any other chemical to affect the coloring process... and wait it till how long you want it to be.. the longer you wait, the lighter color you'll get.. Palty doesnt recommend to wait for more than 30minutes or it will damage your hair since the chemical ingredients are super powerful damaging your hair

I wanna wait for about 30 mins, which is the maximal, but even after 5 minutes the color has turned out and mom screamed many times, "Stella! wash your hair nowww!!!" and after 15 minutes I couldnt stand anymore so I washed itttt T___________T

it turned out not as light as I expected and hoped..

8. Rinse off the dye by water and use conditioner if necessary.and no photos for this one la hhaha.. it cannot be taken or published! )x lol






and, here is the result =

to be honest, I want it lighter but mom wants it darker.. -______-;

yet mom said that the color dye wasnt enough for my hair! O_o; its 2 big bottles and still not enough wtf? [i dunno whether its enough or not cause i didn't do it ahahaha] bet it needs 3 boxes for my hair.. =_=

so there are still some uneven colors due to lack of hair color. but it turned out well and smooth than any other hair dye ive gotten. still has some brunette and black hair on some places -_-; but still can be hidden la lol;;;;;

will save money to dye it again later XDDDDD

anyway.. i wanna have extension, does it necessary my readers ? D:

tell me your comment!




Review Using Palty =


  • Gives even color

  • Won't get your hair too dry, in fact will make it smoother

  • Provides great color shades; which some are unavailable or difficult to achieve in some countries

  • Feel like gyaru in japan haha <3


  • The bleaching scent is too harsh, get your eyes hurt

  • hard to find outside Japan

  • expensive enough; at least for me

  • need 1 box for short hair, 2 boxes for medium hair, and I do recommend 3 boxes for someone who has hair as long as mine, and for longer hair, 4 boxes are enough

Rating = 4/5

Will Buy Again? YES!!!

You dont have to go to Japan to buy it, or like me, Bangkok.. ichibankao, sasa, and webichi sell these hair products with about to same price. and they are trusted. I would recommend ebay but I heard some almost-expired palty are sold there. and some people who used it, turned their hair color to green or gray o_o so just buy from those sites that I recommend!!





addition =

every one says that the color is not light!! and I do agree yes! But when I said that to my mom, she insisted that its already been light enough! T____T and so I pouted and she got mad.. not want to get a fight with her la .__.

get so confused about this shade now T___T look so fugly huh?

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