Wine and Cheese Expo at La Piazza

May 20, 2010

hey readers!! I'm sorry for not updating so long, and looked like I disappeared from wordpress. Pardon me because I had a lot of stuffs to do, especially my job as an english course SPG, which totally failed.. and that made my week so gloomy like hell..

I dont want to remember nasty things in my life anymore, yes I learned a lot of things this week by a lot of suggestions of my friends.. A lot of things happened, but because its private I cannot tell it freely in my blog. Pardon me readers -bows-

Lessons from friends =

1. Multiple choices are better than only one option

2. Don't stress yourself by just remembering the pain of a problem, forget it and get some fun (which I'm doing (: )

3. Do not, ever, believe someone just by their words. Investigate it first

4. friends are made to accompany your life, to share your pain and happiness

5. I curse CULUN & my JOB! (its not suggestion, is it? lol)

but whatever.. lemme report you an event in La Piazza which held from 14th may if im not mistaken!!!






but first, lets share some happiness!

I received my URBAN DECAY 24/7 SUPER STASH yeaaayyyyy!!!!!

I've been waiting it for so long! I won a giveaway competition in an internet, held by Victoria May or known as inconspicuousbeauty in internet.. visit her sharing blog here

she had sent me one before, but we think it got lost [damn stupid post office] ): so she had to resend it.. finally it reached me!!! love love~!

Urban Decay is a best known brand from UK, which doesn't open any branch in Indonesia.. I love to try Urban Decay for so long but the price is really expensive for me. So when Victoria held a giveaway, I tried my luck and so here it is!!

You'd better check her blog and her youtube because she will announce next giveaway competition soon! and trust me, she will give you great products!!! (:

I will give the swatch later, readers!

I love you dear, reaaalllyyy thanksss <33333






Yesterday I had a plan to hang out with a friend, he accompanied me because I told him I had been bored at home and I had wanted to go out to mall. but it was my grandma's birthday, which I forgot and we intended to have her a birthday party near my house, well.. I was planning to go out until 6 and so the birthday would still wait for me, wouldn't it?

that's why I kinda dressed up, meeting big family is an event that you have to groom yourself well to give great impression toward them.. And, when I finished dressed up, mom got news that the party was delayed because my uncle couldn't go. And we all didn't want to go without him.. oh geezzz!! I had dressed up!! -_-;

so I just simply went to La Piazza, Kelapa Gading without worrying about anything

no fake eyelashes.. too lazy to put too much make up nowadays




arrived there about 4pm.. and so I met a friend of mine.. his name is Edho. we knew each other cause he's my MC in my prom night. talked in fb, and hanged out sometimes in Kelapa Gading because he is wine & cheese expo's MC for a week.. and due to my schedule which forced me to go to La Piazza often, we met a lot

yesterday he brought a friend of his, named Marvin. he's the music director in wine & cheese expo. so we went around Gading together (: but after all we were confused to go where so just stayed at Sour Sally

medium pinky one, toppings were mango, peach, and longan

I bought medium one because the sour sally manager was there, and he's edho's friends! so we received 50% discount that time eheheheh -laughs evilly-

Edho and I bought medium one, but Marvin had the large one alone. and he felt so full that time! lol this is the lesson of that day, dont be toooooo greedy eventhough get 50% disc ahahahaha.. kidding! :b





then they had to enter the expo due to their job.. and I asked whether I could enter it for free. Marvin said yes and just told me to tell the staffs that I'm his assistant or what.. and sooooo, I entered it for free ahahahah!!! what a non-pricey day! :D

pssstt.. secret, readers! x) dont tell anyone lol

I've always wanted to go there ever since last year or last two years.. but because it's kinda expensive and no one wanted to accompany me, so I couldn't go there ):

but this year finally I made it!!! even for free!! so chinese lol

inside the expo, the light was kinda dreary

look at those wine bottles!!! we can test some for free if you pay about 50.000 IDR for the entrance fee! (though i heard from edho that the price was reduced to 20.000 IDR! go there!!!)




the expo is specialized in Wine & cheese testing. by just paying for the entrance fee, you are free to test every wine and cheese tester there! if you don't want to have the tester and just buy some wines, that's okay too! but it will be such a pity if you dont take at least a glass before left! (:

the wines there are quite delicious, even though at first my face and throat was like muted because of its bitterness. but as the time goes, I felt the sensation lol

Marvin told me that he loved ice wine or something named like that.. I dont know, Im not a wine-addict. sadly there's no tester for it ): now I'm curious about the taste!

testing red wine from France country with Edho

the happy me cause free ahahhaa

edho acted cool

the white wine.. tastes sour >__> but its better than red one lol

tasting every wines and cheese while waiting for edho's time to work.. its his mic and paper





the cheese were absolutely delicious! I ate cheese a lot. but not buy cause i still have some stocks in my freeze.. I drank 6/7 glasses yesterday. Edho and Marvin were worried about me get drunk or what whether I told him I was fine.. and insisted that I had more than enough lol;;;

after testing, they went to work and I went to Wall Street to talk to a friend of mine, Edward, about my job there.. but he had customer so I'd waited him for about 2 hours, even in 2 hours its not finished yet so I was back to the expo while gossiping with some SPG's there lol

it was a lovely day though. I haven't drank wine that much for long time.. dad doesn't really like me to get wines, especially HIS wine lol creepy..~

I'd love to go again there next year.. I wish I could! :)

and I'm really sorry dear readers, I havent updated my bali trip post day 4 & 5 due to my laziness.. I have so much works to do and lotta problems, and as for back burner, I ran away to mall to refresh my mind LOL

these weeks have been a hectic one for me, and some big problems occured. I cant stand it just by staying n front of computer and being crazy soon, thats why I went away to hang out everywhere..

but now I'm recovered and I'm back, ready for my work and ready to blog again..

now my job is only a make up online seller, and it's a quite easy way and I can stay at my home whenever i want. lovely job! I wanna play persona 4, astari andrea successes to make me wanna play it! I will buy the game later!

oh yeah, last news

I changed my phone to blackberry :)

anyone has it too, feel free to send me your pin number and I will add yours for sure

now I want to sleep haha.. even though its 11:23 am here lol

so later readers!!!! smooch!

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