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July 05, 2016

O hello everyone! I am back with another organic skincare review! I am very very picky in terms of reviewing skincare because my skin is sensitive and acne prone, so I only accept products that I think are worth to try (hey, your skin is your canvas!) 

And by I mean how I know it's trusted or not despite lack of information?
I have known Benscrub for a while, an online shop in Indonesia that specializes in selling ORGANIC SKIN CARE in Indonesia. And cmon, if organic skincare is not safe, then what else is safe?

This is my second time having products from Benscrub and I am always infatuated with its products. Last time I tried AESOP which I LOVE SO MUCH, I was still using it until I receive NIP+FAB

And yes you read the title right, Kylie Jenner is using it too. Though I dont know if she mixes it with other brands or not, but I read that Kylie who's a beauty addict like us, is supporting this brand as well. And I kinda believe she wont support bad products because she loves beauty and has her own lip kit, she needs to have trust from her fans right?

So I picked 2 products that interest me the most! 

First is this NIP+FAB Deep Cleansing Fix that contains A LOT of product, it's 300ml yo!
Usually it'll only be around 100ml right, but this one comes in 300ml and moreover the price is quite affordable for organic skincare. It's only 284.000 or around 20$ in Indonesia!! O_O

The Deep Cleansing Fix is a multi functional deep cleanser which you can use to cleanse your make up along with exfoliation, face mask, or a sleeping mask! O_O

You can read the instruction as the picture above and I am really surprised that those things really work! 

The cream is very thick and I'd recommend this more for dry skin people like myself. I love how the scent reminds me of organic herbs that's calming

Next is this NIP+FAB Viper Venom Extreme Night Fix! I picked this because the name is unique and eye catching! O.O

The night cream comes in a simple black jar that consists of 50ml product. To make it more vicious snake feeling, the sticker of the product comes with snake skin background

So, does it contain the real venom? 
Unfortunately it only consists of Syn-Ake wich is an anti wrinkle chemical based on a synthetic protein fragment, that replicates or inspired by part of the venom from the Temple Viper, a Malaysian snake 

So for those of you who are scared of snake, rest assured as there's no real snake harmed in making this cream lol

The cream is more into gel-type that's light and not rich, suitable for people with dry skin who's looking for a moisturizing night cream

And here you go, the swatch of the deep cleansing fix (left) and the viper venom cream (right)

The deep cleansing is richer in texture and the viper venom is lighter and leaves cooling effect after usage

I have been using these 2 products for a month and so far my skin feels moisturized and supple! The deep cleansing fix is more my favorite though because it melts away my make up very fast but leaving my skin enough moisture locked on. Also the smelllllllllll, oh how I love organic skin care as it gives me sensation of home spa. Also it's 300 ml, it will last you for so longgggg

For the viper venom it's just okay in my opinion. It still gives me enough moisture for my dry skin but because I have been using similar kind of night cream, this one doesnt seem special. It's only enhanced by its viper venom name but in fact it's just normal night cream with hyaluronic acid. However considering that I mostly use high end product such as Kose or Shiseido with more expensive price range than NIP+FAB, this baby delivers similar result and for that, I have to raise a thumb as well. I am giving this 7,5/10

Thank you Benscrub for sponsoring the items for review purpose. I really recommend shopping at their website, and shall you want, you can also use Coupon Code : STELLALEE92 for 10% OFF! The coupon works until 26th July ^^


See you guys on my next post!

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