Pikachu Inspired Make Up Tutorial

July 30, 2016

These days everyone's crazy about Pokemon again thanks to new game Pokemon Go, I myself joined the hype as well. Being a japanese lover since I was young means I watched almost all anime aired at our local TV, and one of it was Pokemon for sure

When I was young. me and my cousins + brother used to watch it together on our square thick TV and dreamed one day to catch all pokemon in the world and be pokemon master. It's around when I was 10 years old, and the hype continued for  years

Pokemon was such a big hit, and I am glad that I was born in generation that watched Pokemon first season / first generation. I mean, during my brother's time, he watched generation of pokemon that I dont know anymore haha. The songs are different, the storyline is different

Inspired by my childhood, I recreate a subtle Pikachu make up this time!
Bright yellow eyeshadow of course, brown eyes and shadow on crease, and black liquid eyeliner. Not to mention using Starry Light lashes in ORION that gives kawaii anime look lash (you just have to try it!)

This is the make up when I close my eyes
I think it's pretty good as well to be used on summer make up due to its bright yellow color as a pop of color, and I make it pretty simple so you can use it on any occassion as well (doesnt have to be used only during cosplay)

Feel free to watch the 5 mins make up tutorial! 

I also got my nails done in Pokemon theme haha
I wear my blonde brightlele wig and tie into 2 ponytails that resembles pikachu's ears lol got it, got it??

Anyway I hope the make up inspires you, and if you recreate the look, dont forget to tag me okay ^^

See you guys again next time

(yes i know, I am busy playing pokemon go with my friends.. today I even have a date to wonder around the area to catch em all. Lets see how long the fire goes on) lol

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  1. you should've never ever go to that country again, buy and use something from there anymore, also have a friends and families from there forever for the rest of your life. because you left it in the first place and keep mocking that country