Another (Not-So) Kawaii Tour with Me in Autumn

August 10, 2016

Turns out I am opening up another kawaii tour after clearing up my schedule! This time I am collaborating with YOROKOBI TOUR on Instagram to bring you better service

We will use BUS instead of train, and we will stay at better hotel, and it comes with local guide
Hassle free and easier!

For me, the price is pretty fair, considering Bus is really expensive over there. And also we'll be staying at Fuji Area and visiting Hakone as well, those two areas are difficult to reach if you're traveling solo

You can add Yorokobi Tour on LINE = @dkd0378m

and order the itinerary over there!
For any question and so on, you can ask them as well ^^

You can compare the price with other travel agencies and I am sure you cant find greater deal! #confident LOL
Anyway for people who's not from Jakarta, you can arrange the flight with them, or maybe just purchase the land tour and get another flight suitable for you
It's so flexible! ^^

Hope to see you in Japan this autumn!

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  1. you have no more rights to go to that country again. even for your so called work or tour. you have to delete, dump, and burn all your collectionrelated to that country. forget that country philosophies and languages. never ever buy something from that country again. never eat that country style food again. never talk about that country again, even if what you talk is about truth. you're the one who mock it when you leave it. never go there forthe rest of your life