Batman V Superman Wonder Woman Diana Prince Perfume Review

August 16, 2016

I am really particular of choosing fragrant because to be honest, I grew up hating perfumes because it smells toxicating. Whenever me and my family visited department store area and the sales women sprayed some to the paper for us to take a sniff, I had to quickly cover my nose and walk as fast as I could because I didnt like the smell

It wasn't that long before I found out that it's not that perfume which is at fault, how you pick the smell that suits your preference and finding one is like a chemistry in life

Ever since then, I only had a few perfume options on my beauty desk and another one that recently settled down is Wonder Woman Diana Prince Perfume from Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Limited edition

You must have known that I LOVE BLACK so much and when I first land my eyes on this perfume, I quickly knew that it's gonna be friend for life
The elegance provided through it's hourglass shape is really unique and make it easy to grip on. 

Dont forget the rose gold cap that is carved through inspiration of Wonder Woman Logo gives quite a style. The collaboration of Eloicoco and Warner Bros to produce such a marvelous product should be noted by perfume or Marvel lover

I wish through blogging I could let you guys smell the scent. It's a light mix fruity scent that's subtle and fun, it's my day to go perfume! I recommend you to visit counter such as Guardian / Matahari / so on to test it on your own. At least now I know how Wonder Woman smells like, it expresses fun, strong woman that's unique with a hint of sensual

Talk about limitation, they only have 10.000 bottles of this all over Asia!
So better try your luck to find this limited item at Zalora / Lazada / Watsons / Guardian / Century / Matahari
Retail price is only Rp 500.000 per bottle which runs pretty affordable for a branded perfume for me (mostly I got my perfume for 1-2 million rupiah)

For more informations, you can also check out Eloi Coco Instagram to see other products they offer!

Thank you Eloi coco for providing the product for review purpose!

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