The secret of instant glowing white skin beauty!

November 11, 2017

Natural ingredients have always caught my preferences over the chemical formula that is developed into skin care product. Market nowadays is offering beauty products at a cheap price but have troubling ingredients inside. On the other hand, I noticed that quite a number of beauty labels have taken a bold move by changing the ingredients of their beauty products back to nature. Aside from the affordable price, it is also safer for our skin because they're using plant's extract such as aloe vera, avocado, rose, coconut milk, cocoa powder, Edelweiss, and many others.

My attention strikes to this one unique plant called Edelweiss. Why Edelweiss? What special traits come from this flower? I read through this research done by beauty expert from Wardah Skin Innovation to satisfy my curiosity hunger. I'm surprised that they took more than 7 years and 60,000 hours non-stop to deeply understand the trait of Edelweiss and now they publicly announce the healthy glowing skin beauty secret that comes from Edelweiss extract. 

A brief story of Edelweiss from what I've read, this unique flower is able to grow at an altitude of 3,000 meters above the sea level despite the challenging high UV radiation and extreme weather conditions. It was found that Edelweiss's firmness stems from its ability to protect DNA from damage caused by oxidation reactions by free radicals pollution. As a result, this flower has a perfectly fine fresh petal cell structure unaffected by time. Wardah formulated this flower's extract to preserve the beauty traits from Edelweiss to our face, which eventually bring healthy glowing skin that is not easily damaged by free radicals pollution.

Wardah then introduced me to their whitening product line called Wardah White Secret Series. It contains Crystal White Active and Silver Vine Extract ingredients which emit light from the deepest epidermal skin layer and boost the inner beauty of our skin. The series includes Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence, Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence, Wardah White Secret Day Cream and Wardah White Secret Night Cream. I've personally tried these products and quite amazed at its result. How's the result? Let's check this out below!

Wardah White Secret Pure Treatment Essence
This is the whitening essence with a special glowing booster that comes from Edelweiss extract that will be revealing your skin purity that is somewhat hidden due to climate change and pollution. Product packaging wise, it comes with a dove-transparent glass bottle and packaged exclusively in white and silver box. The texture is just like water essence, nothing feels different when I pour it to my hand, but when I gently tap it to my face, there is an instance moisturizing and hydrating feeling to my skin. It also improves my skin elasticity texture to my face. However, the odor smell of this essence doesn't match with my preferences, but it could be different for you.
Wardah White Secret Intense Brightening Essence
After using the pure treatment essence, I follow the second serum which is for intense brightening. The difference with the first one is its Silver Vine extract that precisely targets hyperpigmentation areas that require brightening system. Helps to improve skin radiance, refines skin texture and reduce the appearance of dark spots. It comes in a very hygienic tube pipe white bottle, preventing it from direct touch with skin. The texture is like a cream but very light and transparent. Just a drop of the essence can help to smoother skin, make it brighter, supple and moist. No fragrant detected on this product.
Wardah White Secret Day Cream
The secret moisturizing cream with SPF 35 PA +++ is to be used every morning after the application of essence for protection in a daytime. It works as an advance brightening moisturizer which protects skin from UV rays and helps stimulate radiance complexion. The creamy texture penetrates easily into my skin and instantly enhance brightening process for smooth radiant skin. Even on my first day using the product, I can see the instant brighter skin result. That's why I'm curious about its long-term whitening effect and decided to continue using this series. It comes in a transparent pot with elegant silver lid, but it doesn't provide spatula. A quick trick to keep the cream hygiene: if it is hard to find spatula around, I usually just use the cotton bud as my hygienic tool.
Wardah White Secret Night Cream
As for the night cream, it is like the duplicate of the day cream. Both packaging and texture are the same. However, the ingredients are different as this product is to be used as an intensive night treatment for the purpose of skin regeneration during our sleeping time. With its Derma-Peptide Technology, this cream helps to smooth the appearance of skin texture. It enhances skin brilliance and provides extra nourishment with its Crystal-White Active.

To conclude my verdict, the Wardah Secret Series is definitely an affordable natural whitening skin care in the market. So many benefits that come from a drop of Edelweiss extract and Active Whitening formula are now can be felt by everyone. In my personal opinion, these product series are very simple for daily use and proved itself to bring instant glowing white skin beauty. You can find and purchase Wardah products at the nearest drugstore or supermarket and feel the instant face whitening effect by yourself!

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