How to find perfect quality wig match in a click!

November 08, 2017

Time is definitely the most precious currency in my life. My daily activities juggle from one spot to another spot, by being a beauty influencer, Japan travel blogger and beautepreneur in mind. If you want to know a glimpse highlight of my day, try imagine waking up early in the morning, brushed a quick beautiful make up, jumped across an event to another event (and don't forget to face the crowd of Jakarta's traffic), quick healthy lunch to maintain body fitness, went for product photo-shoot or went to beautician for routine treatment, meeting with vendors for endorsement briefing, sat for hours editing videos and typing in a blog, not forget to mention all social life and family time should be spent. Even a paragraph can't describe how busy my daily life is, it's never easy to be an up to date beauty blogger.

Everyday, I am challenged to be relevant and up to date with the newest beauty products. I used to dedicate a day in a week to stroll around in mall to look for the hype products or attending launching product events so I am not missing out anything. But thanks to e-commerce wave that has been helping my life a lot better for the past 2 years. Now I can surf around for the latest beauty product everyday, everywhere, just in a click.

If you notice, I am a loyal fan of colorful wig since early debut of my career as a beauty blogger. I use many different wig types, lengths, model, materials and colors to match my photo-shoot image. Earlier, it was very hard to mix and match my fashion with selected wig options and find a trusted wig seller that match my preferences. But now I have found the trick to get the right wig with the affordable price but with star quality and it's all done just with a click!

I dare myself to try many different types of wig and I rarely found wig that doesn't match with confidence. Yes, confidence is the key! Whatever color I choose or whatever lengths of the wig, I always wear it confidently, mix and match with my fashion stuffs and eventually it will look fine and nice. If you're newbie in finding the right wig to wear, I dare you to try Japanese barbie doll look with a flat bangs or long curly wig, wool scarf, long coat and autumn winter boots. I've tried it many times and it is perfectly cute!

- HUman vs synthetic hair
The key difference between human hair wig and synthetic hair wig is the durability and the heat resistance capability. I prefer human hair wig when it comes to curling, styling, coloring because it won't be easily tangled or dry. But with the massive technology improvement, nowadays market has offered synthetic hair with quality almost the same with human hair, with wider range of colors and long-lasting with special care, which I prefer if it is only for occasional, such as event photo-shoot or video tutorial making. Always ask pre-purchasing the wig to ensure it has the heat resistance for more durable wig quality and special care needed.

- buy guaranteed wig
I always treat my wig as an investment, not just disposable product. That's why it is important to buy a guaranteed wig, the longer the guarantee, the better. The normal age of human hair wig can lasts to 5 years while for the synthetic hair can lasts to 10 years with special care. The guaranteed wig can give assurance for better quality of the wig, when we do styling too much, we can be assured it wont be easily broken.

I find it interesting that I can fulfill my rave towards human hair wig and fashion stuffs for mix and match in just a click away. As I mentioned before, e-commerce has been my life saver and place where I rely so much in buying affordable beauty and fashion products with star quality, and so here I present you my trusted e-commerce to buy guaranteed quality product, Blibli!

I have been informed a very good news from Blibli that they're coming with fantastic Blibli Histeria discount deals from 6-11 November 2017. Psst, I have special news for you only! Today, 8 November 2017 is the Beauty Wednesday deal, means all beauty and fashion products will be on crazy sale! Don't miss this out and make sure you can buy the latest hype beauty products, including your long longing desire for wig (and perhaps you also want to buy wool scarf and autumn winter boots for fashion mix and match) in Blibli Histeria. Click rightway to check Beauty Wednesday deal on #BlibliSekarang More importantly, they also have a grandprize to win free holiday ticket to Japan that will be announced on its final deal day 11.11! Good luck and win the prize girls!

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  1. kaka fashionable terus sih , ga ngerti deh

  2. you just love luxury things huh? no wonder why your talk always about money and profit. such a greedy and toxic you are