Luxury Dining in Tokyo

October 18, 2017

Been such an avid Japan Traveler, I believe that I have visited tourists to non-tourists restaurant, street foods to luxury dining, and great foods to great dining experience. I decide to make a compilation of luxury restaurant in Tokyo for those of you whom seek comfort and elegance while traveling in this bustling city. With the most michelin stars restaurants located in Tokyo, dining experience can never be boring and will never be enough 

All experiences and pictures on this post are my own. I will not promote dining experience that I have never tried before. For more informations about each restaurant, click the title that will link you to specific blog post

One of the best french dining experiences I have ever had. Pierre Gagnaire Tokyo offers perfect Tokyo Tower and Tokyo's cityscape as the view along with world-class meals. No wonder the restaurant won 2 Michelin Stars for its excellent performance and definitely my first recommendation if you want to experience luxury dining in Tokyo


With its renowned name in fashion industry, Bvlgari has a whole builing in Ginza district which offers restaurant and bar on the top of building. The interior is mindblowing with high ceiling that's rare to spot in Tokyo, the food's offered is the authentic Italian menu for exquisite experience

One star Michelin Restaurant in Tokyo that offers contemporary french fine dining with a twist of Japanese taste handled by Shintaro Miyazaki. The restaurant is located inside Ritz Carlton Tokyo, in Tokyo Midtown. Enjoy a great Tokyo scenery while sipping your recommended wine

Visit Piacere if you want to enjoy the scenery of Tokyo Station cityscape and be amazed by the luxury interior. The restaurant won Best of Award of Excellence in 2011-2014 and located at 28th floor. Don't forget to check the good deal of their lunch set during weekday! 

The list will always be updated

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