Pierre Gagnaire Restaurants at ANA InterContinental Tokyo Review

March 06, 2017

There's nothing better than to treat yourself with a good food once in a while, and for me Tokyo offers the best selections of foods. While traveling to Tokyo is no longer a dream for most in Indonesia thanks to cheaper ticket, many people seem to have realized that for the price that Tokyo's restaurants offer, you will get extremely satisfying meal! As for me, my taste buds have gone so high as I get pampered so much with Tokyo's high standard of food that there's no turning back

Eating out in Jakarta is no longer a thing for me because most of the foods quality are not that good compared when I eat in Tokyo, moreover the price is more or less the same so why should I bother indulge in average food while I can get fantastic one?

My choice for the best food in Tokyo last winter was Pierre Gagnaire Restaurant that's located at ANA InterContinental Tokyo. They offer majestic night view of Tokyo's scenery including Tokyo tower which made it so romantic. Pierre Gagnaire is a renowned chef that has restaurants in a selected countries and got awarded as the Best Chef in the World in 2015! One of his restaurants is located in Tokyo and I just cant miss it! Also, it has received 2 stars of Michelin so it's a MUST VISIT restaurant in Tokyo!

After finished shooting with Rinrin, we had an amazing dinner time in the restaurant and got ourselves a private dining room. The view and the whole ambient were so amazing but let's dig deeper about the restaurant

THE Interior

Pierre Gagnaire in Tokyo is located at 36th floor of InterContinental Tokyo Hotel. The restaurants is open for lunch and dinner service but since I decided to visit it at night for its beautiful night scenery. The entrance is grand, dominated with modern design and lighting plays. The color is dominated with purple that gives luxurious image

The interior is pretty minimalistic and classy as expected of Japan. Make sure to book your seat before hand to reserve window seat that overlooks Tokyo Tower. The restaurant is pretty spacious but the seats are pretty limited because they made sure that there's good distance between each table. They have 2 private dining and 1 semi private dining area in case you want more privacy though


My OOTD at that night, the dress code to enter the restaurant is smart casual

THE menu

Like many other restaurants in Tokyo, the menu for lunch and dinner are different so is the price. What makes it pretty unique is you can adjust your own set of meal. For more information you can check the menu at Pierre Gagnaire Tokyo Menu

Basically you can either get just starter and dessert, or just starter and main menu, and so on (the price is different depending on which set you order) however everyone gets the same Cocktail de poche and coffee break. The course comes with a few dishes as explained at each menu and you can create your own set of course to match your own preference. Since this is my first time eating at the restaurant, I trust the waiter to pick what's the best for me :D 

THE food

Both Rinrin and I chose Starter, Main Course, and Dessert. At first the waiter warned us that it might be too much for women and we strongly suggest the same thing in case you're visiting again. Please just order Main Course and Dessert only (or just 2 selections) because there are a lot of foods coming for the dinner course. Also the cocktail de poche might be enough for your starter (5 small plates) and they also offer one of the tastiest breads I have ever tried!

The picture above was my appetizer under the name of Homard. It comes in 5 different types of small dishes as well and each plate is fantastic! Presentation wise it's so beautiful, and the taste is mindblowing

While I got myself something from sea as the starter, Rinrin got herself foie gras set. As for the main dish, I got something from land which is Japanese tenderloin. And this is probably the best tenderloin I have ever tried because it's so tender and it's just sliced through when I try to cut it with my knife. On the other hand, Rinrin got herself fish. For our main course, it comes with a few small dishes as well to accompany the food and all of the flavors are too amazing to be true

As for the dessert, it comes in a few selections as well per person. For me I got my dessert course in 7 incredible pieces, while Rinrin got herself 5 pcs. By that time we were so full but we still would like to eat it because it's just soooooo good. Not only it comes with fancy appearance, the flavor is perfect and the pictures do no justice! Each dessert is outlandish but not only the dessert, every meal that they serve is unbelievable. We kept praising the food thorough the night and it was probably my top 3 best meals in Tokyo!

After the meal service finished, there's coffee or tea in case you would like to stay a little bit longer to chat along with petit four

And in case you still cant get enough, please watch the youtube video as well about my experience in the restaurant below


The hospitality of the staffs are perfect, the waiter explained to us about each dishes in perfect english. The music, the interior, the scenery, and everything's perfect and I couldn't believe that this restaurant is even exist. I saw so many couples had dinner in the restaurant as well and I can understand why because the restaurant itself is really romantic

It's definitely among my Top 3 Most Recommended Restaurants in Tokyo and I honestly believe you would be missing out if you dont book this restaurant if you visit Tokyo next time as the food is mindblowin!. Rinrin was teary most of the time when eating it, and for me I was more into speechless mode

The price for Cocktail de Poche - Starter - Main Course - Dessert is 26.000 yen ++ but if you're a woman and would like to eat less (mind you, both Rinrin and I cant finish the set), I would recommend you to get Cocktail de Poche - Main Course - Dessert for 15.000 yen ++. The price sounds reasonable for 2 star michelin stars, the amount and quality of foods you're going to have, and the experience itself. Even luxury dining in Jakarta can cost you around the same but I doubt the taste and quality can be comparable

And for ladies guest, you'll get some ginger bread and jam from their bakery to bring back home too as a part of their service. Totally recommend this and if youre interested to find out more about the restaurant, I will put the links down below

See you guys again on my next post!

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