Bvlgari Il Ristorante Luca Fantin Review

March 12, 2017

I am back with another recommendation place to visit, and lets stroll around Ginza this time. Ginza is a famous district in Tokyo that's full of high end luxury brands. I would say it's similar to Plaza Indonesia / Plaza Senayan area or Orchard in Singapore. However Ginza is not as scary as what everyone thinks about and it's not as boring as it seems. Sure you might find the mainstream stores but the store provide the best of their best in Ginza. You guys might have heard about the 12 levels of Uniqlo Store in Ginza and 3 levels of Shiseido Ginza, right? My favorite hidden sushi place is located at Ginza too, they offer a varieties of tasty foods more than your average tourist place like Shibuya and Shinjuku

One of the must visit attractions at Ginza includes the BVLGARI Building!

What do you guys think when I mention BVLGARI?
Some might mention the jewelry, some will mention the perfume, and some will know that they also have their amazing resort in Bali. BUT, they have a high rised building in Ginza that reach up to level 11! The whole building consists of all BVLGARI products along with restaurant, bar, and lounge to pamper yourself and it is the largest BVLGARI store in the world

I decided to have a relaxing lunch with my friend, Eva at the restaurant, Il Ristorante Luca Fantin that's located on the 9th floor. The restaurant is opened for lunch and dinner service but since I want to take pictures,  I conclude that lunch service is better because of the lighting


When I stepped into the restaurant, sophisticated was the first word that crossed my mind
The grand interior is not tacky and shows BVLGARI class as it emphasizes on its high celing. The interior is designed by Antonio Citterio that successfully did his magic to make this place refined. The distinctive of hanged handmade glass lamps gives the whole room an alluring finish, and for your information, it's made specially for BVLGARI. I personally love the big window so the sun can shine through and make the room bright and it's really rare to see a place in Tokyo that offers this kind of view 


These aerial shots above are taken from Il Bar on top of the restaurant to show you how spacious the restaurant is. I will talk about the Bar maybe next time!


With an impressive contemporary design that features both Japan and Italy together through the earthy theme, having your meal while overlooking the city view can never be better! 



Before our menu starts, we received the complimentary amuse bouche that's given to every guest. The last picture was 3 types of carrot dishes that offers different texture and taste to show the skill and creativity of the chef

Lunch set in BVLGARI starts from 5500 yen but I tried the 12.000 yen Degustation Menu or in Italian, they call it Degustazione. I put BVLGARIMenu here, you can click if youre interested with the menu list. However the list will be regularly changed depending on the season and availability. The one that I had back then was scallop as an example for the starter, but as I wrote this post it has been changed to shrimp

There comes the first 2 appetizers. Scallop Citrus, which reminded me of my Italian Michelin dining in Bali, has perfect tanginess and sweetness thanks to its sauces. The scallops were fresh and juicy, the acidity bursted in my mouth as I gulped it down. On another plate I had my sliced japanese duck with white truffle and japanese horse radish accompanied by a consomme duck soup (not in the picture) that has rich flavor. The truffle and radish really compliments the tender meat and gives a pleasant aroma

On carbs side, I was presented with pasta and rice. The Bottarga Pasta, a Southern Italy's speciality, is lightly seasoned and the simplicity of the dish shows the level of the chef. It's perfectly cooked and well comes with decent size that lets some space to indulge in the beautiful Sea Urchin Risotto. Uni or Sea Urchin is one of my most favorite foods in the world and the good Uni is easily detected by my tongue and I have to say I am impressed by the quality of the Uni in Il Ristorante. It has the rich flavor that melts in your mouth and blends beautifully with the rice. I could easily go back to the restaurant just for this!

Moving on to the fish and meat section, I was presented a flatfish with seasoned sliced cauliflower and cauliflower puree on the side. Unfortunately all the ingredients blend with the white plate which makes it a little bit flat for the visual. The taste was pretty light but not a star of the course. The fish was overshadowed by the tenderloin steak that comes with grilled onion and the puree of it below the meat. The steak was cooked in perfect medium which enabled me to taste the real flavor of the beef and the onion was incredibly sweet and compliments the meat really well

Before the course's finished, the beautiful desserts were presented and I was blown away by the hazelnut with raspberries combination. It's so marvelous and instagenic. Whole hazelnut, hazelnut crumbles, and hazelnut ice cream that gives 3 different textures completed by the sweetness of the raspberries offers exquisite taste. Surprisingly the chocolate souffle was my favorite of the day even though I am not a fan of chocolate. The chocolate was not too sweet and had a hint of coffee and on the bottom of the cup, there were some sweet slices of oranges that brought this dessert to a new level

If you still fancy a good time at the restaurant, you'll either be served with coffee or tea along with petit fours. The petit four at Il Ristorante was visionary as they made the chocolate and meringue dessert into chest board like this

THE experience

It was an honor to catch the executive chef, Luca Fantin, that jus came back from BVLGARI Bali and I asked for a picture together to commemorate the day. The course was exquisity and dashing, it was a well-spent time and worth the journey. What more you could ask for?

In case you're traveling to Tokyo and happen to be around Ginza area, check out the BVLGARI Building and visit the restaurant as well! I will put the link down below for more information

BVLGARI Ginza Tower 9F 2-7-12 Ginza
Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0061 

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  2. you have no more rights to eat that country style food for the rest of your life. even reading books and philosophies from that country. buy and use stuffs or products from that country