How to be Lolita with Rinrindoll

March 02, 2017

When I was in Japan back then, it's not just for holiday but I also did some collaboration with Japanese youtubers. The first honor goes to Rinrin! I have known her for years and in case you dont know, she's famous for her Lolita fashion and is one of the icon for Harajuku styles in the world

We decided that she would transform me into Lolita and so I have put the video on my channel

Kawaii enough? 😂

If you're interested with the make over, please head over to my youtube channel to see how she transformed me

In return, I did her make up with Indonesian kind of look! 
You know our kind of instagram make up with thick eyebrow, smokey eyes, wispy lashes, contoured face, and liquid lipstick? I also introduced some Indonesian local cosmetic brands to her in her video, so make sure to check it out as well!

It was a really fun collaboration and I would love to do it again! If you guys have any request for certain collaboration, please let me know ^.^

Talk to you guys again on my next post!

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  1. Cici Stella miriiip Kyary Pamyu Pamyu <3

  2. Can we be friends? I completely adored yours and Rinrin's video! So much cutenesssss ~ ♡

  3. you think you're hot and sexy? like women from that country? maybe your so called fans and followers are blind like you. you're not like women from that country, especially the celebrities. you're just another narcisstic and overproud braggart. you only looks like your other inbred mutant race called chindogs