Lunch at Shangrila Tokyo - Piacere

February 23, 2017

After my constant travel to Japan, I decided to take it slow and stop being so touristy. Avoiding Shibuya-Shinjuku area most of the time, I had a lot of fun in Central Tokyo area where it's full of luxury star hotels and office towers. I was wondering about luxury lunch in the heart of Tokyo and so my pick goest to Piacere, an Italian Restaurant in Shangrila Hotel

Piacere Restaurant won Best of Award of Excellence in 2011 - 2014 and it is located at 28th floor with fantastic cityscape of Tokyo Station area. The interior is spacious and glamorous and reminds me of restaurants in The Plaza, Jakarta, such as Salt & Grill. I love when restaurant has big window to let the light shine through so it's good for OOTD or food pictures. Every area is instagrammable and I would recommend this restaurant if you want have classy shots while in town

This kind of view is well-sought after in Tokyo, not everyday you can enjoy the view like this. The train railway over there is in fact Tokyo Station area, the hotel is within walking distance

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Piacere Weekday Lunch costs you around 3000-4000 yen per person. For my lunch, I get to choose VELOCE that comes with Antipasti Buffet that's popular among ladies. 

The buffet table provides amazing selection of healthy Hors d'oeuvre and a few choices of salads. I tried half of it and every thing was soooooo goood!! I'm pretty sure it's the reason why the Antipasti Buffet was so popular among ladies in Japan because you get to eat a lot of food while maintaining the nutrient and calories but with a good taste!

For the main dish, either you get to choose chicken or fish from the menu. However the portion is rather small and if you're pretty hungry, you can get your second plate of the buffet table again to fill your stomach. For the taste, I'd say it's pretty good but not mindblowing. However for the price of 3800 yen per person with this kind of service, I'd say it's quite a steal for lunch service!

Finished it off with Gelato Dessert. I like the pistachio one so much!!
They also offer a coffee or tea after you're finished, however I'm pretty full with my additional wine from Merlot 2013 as recommended by the waiter to compliment my meal

It was a pleasant day for me and I had an enjoyable time. The price was pretty good for a luxury lunch in Tokyo where you can enjoy a nice chat with your girlfriends at ease. I wish to come back for evening dinner in the future as I'm pretty sure the atmosphere will be different!

For more information about Piacere, I will put the link down below 

Thank you for reading the post, and I will talk to you again next time!

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  1. such lovely photos
    Let me know how your week is going?
    Do have a lovely Thursday.

  2. Everything looks so yummy I would like to try this place in my next Tokyo trip!