Shiba Park Hotel 151 Review

February 18, 2017

After weeks of traveling both for my own holiday and work to Tokyo and Lombok, I finally have time to sit and blog about a hotel that I stayed at in Tokyo. It's Shiba Park Hotel 151 that has recently opened as an extension of their previous Shiba Park Hotel. It only takes me less than 30 mins to reach the hotel from Haneda with all the train and walking distance from the station, which makes it so convenient to stay at

Shiba Park Hotel 151 is located at Hamamatsucho (JR Station) and Daimon (Tokyo Metro / Subway). You can reach the hotel from Monorail, departed from Haneda International Airport, and it only takes you around 15 mins. Once you get out from Hamamatsucho, you can easily walk to the hotel in 5 mins while overlooking the beautiful Tokyo Tower. The hotel is located 2 mins away from the iconic symbol of Tokyo which makes the trip unforgettable 

Moving on to the hotel itself, they have several types of rooms but basically it's with the same design, a contemporary Japanese design with a western touch. It's not tatami but real bed but you get a lot of wood elements and simplicity of what Japan is famous for

However the hotel is pretty spacious for Tokyo standard, it's 30m2 meanwhile most of the apartment in Tokyo is only around 20m2. The room that I am staying with is twin bed room, but they also have triple bed room! Sliding door works as a separator between the closet-bathroom area with the bedroom and it makes the whole room more spacious thanks to its sliding movement


The hotel also provides separate bathroom and toilet. The amenities are complete and the bathroom is nice and clean, the area is also pretty spacious. Space in Tokyo is not something that you can take for granted. Meanwhile for the toilet, it comes with all the high tech toilet of Japan that you have heard of, with all the buttons and warm seat that helps you during winter time

They also provide breakfast at their 151 Old Grill Restaurant with western buffet style. You can also get a Japanese set meal in case you'd like to try one but you have to order it from the day before to get your food specially cooked

This hotel also offers amazing experience special for their guests. You can join their event and get introduced with Japanese local cultures and engaged with the event. I joined it the tea time ceremony at SAKURA lounge and they taught me how to do green tea ceremony and how to drink it properly. During my last day, it was time for a local event in Zojoji Temple nearby as it's Setsubun. It's an event to celebrate the last day of Winter and there are some rituals to throw beans to purify themselves and asking for happiness

Most of the activities are free and they have different activities each day which you can check for the schedule on Shiba Park Hotel 151 Activities  and feel free to sign up every day to get the best of your local experience with your guided english speaking tour

Anyway I have also included the Shiba Park Hotel 151 Room Tour in my latest youtube vlog, feel free to check it below

Hope this is helpful in future use in case you want to find an alternative recommendation where to stay in Tokyo. Talk to you again on my next post!

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