The Thinnest Luxury Laptop - Acer Swift 7

February 11, 2017

My job allows me to work anywhere, anytime, as long as there's a stable internet connection and a fast laptop to edit pictures and videos! Notebook has become a lifestyle not only just for me as a digital nomad but also for young generations out there, including YOU. I believe almost everyone has a notebook these days whether it's for your university study or working tools

It helps us in our daily life, making our tasks more effective and efficient. Long gone days where you had to return back home in order to write your presentation. Time has change and now you can simply open your notebook and start working at your project

ACER has recently introduced their premium notebook in Indonesia that consists of Spin 7 and Swift 7 which is S-traordinary since being ordinary is boring (raise your hand if you think the same!). Spin 7 is a laptop that can rotate 360' and you can google to find about it more. This time, I am talking about its sister, which is Swift 7 that is superior in thinness category! 

Acer Swift 7 is designed to fulfil the demand of people who have high mobility but still want to appear stylish. Its luxury becomes center of attention for those whom see it, but the thinness will amaze people as it's less than 1cm in total when you close it down. Acer Swift 7 is just 9,98mm thin and very light to carry everyday! It's the thinnest and lightest laptop I have ever had and it's pretty sturdy! The design is so luxurious and it has diamond cut effect on the touchpad to offer stylish appearance

It comes with full HD with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 to protect your screen against any friction or scratch that might occur in the future. Protection at its best! It offers Premium Sound as well to enjoy quality sound with clarity to every little detail. With its 9 hours maximum battery, I dont have to worry about bringing charger when working away from home if I have charged it properly because of its longevity. Which means, goodbye charger! 


My goal is this year is to be more productive than ever, and with all these hectic travel schedule both for leisure and work, I need to work while I'm traveling as well. That's when this Acer Swift 7 comes in handy! It's going to be my saviour that helps me working flexibly even when I'm away from home. Due to its light weight, I won't have to worry that it's going to torture me when I'm carrying it. Besides it promises 5x faster internet browsing and 9 hours battery life to support my work even more. It has 256 GB memory along with 8GB DDR3 and other amazing features offered despite its thin body. What more I can ask for?! 

Acer Swift 7 does not only help me in terms of their performance due to its high spec, but also with its stylish design that promotes a combination of black and gold for an elegant touch. Another note to mention is that Acer Swift 7 receives award from Japan Good Design Award, one of the most prestigious design award in the world. The laptop tops among the other 4000 competitors through tough judgement from 76 international judges

I wish this picture would do justice, but if you're interested with how thin it is, you can also visit their stores or maybe some electronic stores in Indonesia such as Best Denki

I am impressed with this laptop and the satisfaction from the experience is beyond words. I believe traveling with this laptop would be such a satisfying experience. The price is Rp 19.999.999 and might differ from each store, but it's around that price. The price they offer is pretty high for a laptop but considering this is a luxury laptop that offers both specification and design, it's a fair price to trade

For more information, you can visit ACER S-TRAORDINARY 

the product is sponsored as a review purpose but opinion is all my own

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