The Spa at Mandarin Oriental Tokyo Review

February 20, 2017

Being an Indonesian, I am always pampered by a lot of wide selections of spa and massage places in my country. Balinese and Javanese massage make up the top choices in here, but Thai massage and Shiatsu from Japan has made a good reputation as well. However I have never truly experienced the real japanese massage in Tokyo. I did try some facial before but the full body massage was far from it. Last trip in Winter 2017 was an amazing trip as I had a lot of free time to venture out on my own, and I manage to book a slot in one of the best spas in town

Mandarin Oriental Tokyo is located in the heart of Tokyo, within walking distance from Mitsukoshimae Station. The station is the neighbour of Tokyo station and it's pretty close with the Imperial Palace. The lobby is located at the 38th floor, letting you to see the Tokyo scenery from up way there even when you're just visiting

The Spa is located on 37th floor but you can only access it through different elevator after you reach 38th floor. The whole atmosphere was so serene and amicable. Upon arrival I was given a hot towel and a hot tea. I also could custom my own treatment depending on what I needed on that day

The lobby of the spa also sells a few body and skin care products that they use for customers


I was being led to the locker room by the staff who explained everything in detail and professionally, I am glad that all the staffs are able to communicate in perfect english and always there to assist me in case I need something

The common area consists of locker, vanity table completed with amenities for face-body-hair, toilet, and also fridge for cold beverages. The area is impressive and luxurious

THE water facility

Before the spa treatment, it is recommended to enjoy the heat water facility as well which Mandarin Oriental has pride about. Spare at least 1 hour to relax in the area. They also have sauna and crystal steam room as well as shower rooms

The best thing about this water facility is you can enjoy soaking in warm water while enjoying Tokyo's sceneries from 37th floor. The area is divided into 2, one is the deep pool where you can swim and another one is a shallow one with pool chairs so you can sit cozily while warming up your body in the water. I love how they use big windows to get direct sunlight and it also enables guest to see the landscape pleasantly

Rejuvenating your body can never be better!


Once you're done and if you still have time before your treatment, you can rest in the relaxation lounge. They also offer complimentary healthy dried fruits and fresh fruit juices for the guests! You can wait here until the therapist visit you and inform you when it's time to head to your room


When entering the room, the therapist washed my first at first and offered me a warm tea. She also showed me the products and I could choose my own preference as well even though you can also receive their best recommendation for your own body

Mandarin Oriental team is kindly enough to let me trying the Tranquility Suite which is the best room that can overlook the Tokyo sceneries as well when I inform them I would like to take great pictures for my blog. The standard room doesn't have the view but I'm sure it is also spacious and pleasant. However in case you'd like to elevate your spa style like never before, make sure to upgrade it into the Suite to enjoy the same experience like me

Getting your massage while enjoying the view is the true luxury

The therapist is really highly-skilled and really knows about the point pressures of my body. I dozed off after a while because she really helps me to relax and once it's finished, my body feels really light and warm! 

There are a lot of menu treatments available but I got the Time Ritual Spa for 1 hour 50 mins, it's 44.000 yen and price is subject to 8% consumption tax and 13% service charge. You can check Mandarin Oriental Spa Page to find out more about it 

After the treatment, I was served by a tray of warm tea, hot tower, matcha ice cream, and seasonal fresh strawberry! The therapist left me alone for my private indulgence until the time for me to depart. It was an amazing experience and I would like to recommend it to everyone

I have also vlogged my experience in Tokyo on this video, feel free to watch the video as well 

So that concludes my Luxury Spa in Tokyo, hope the article is helpful for you in case you're looking to pamper yourself in the city

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