AFA Report for NHK Kawaii International

October 05, 2017

For those of you whom are into Japanese Pop Culture must have known about the biggest Japanese event in Indonesia, which is Anime Festival Asia (AFA) that's held yearly. They offer tons of interesting booths, hold creative cosplay competitions, invite top-notch cosplayers and J-artists, and provide one stop experience about Japan. Regarding to my role as Indonesia's Kawaii Leader, I was asked by NHK WORLD - Kawaii International to report about the kawaii activities on the event! 

If you visit AFA, you might notice the big NHK WORLD Booth that has this Domo-kun Time Capsule. Time Capsule is a letter that you write for future self (5/10/20 years time). It is a part of Japanese Pop Culture that you might often see on anime and manga, where the characters dig their own time capsules and reminded by their young self. At the booth, you could decorate your Kawaii Time Capsule and put it inside Domo kun, it was without any fee and all the decorations were provided directly from Japan by NHK Team

I just had to try the experience as well! Beside Domo Time Capsule, there was Domo Photobooth as well. They also brought Domo-kun a few times a day. Basically it's a kawaii event inside an event! Besides the event, I interviewed tons of people whom attended the AFA event that wore amazing kawaii fashions as well. It's so fun finding people with the same fashion

All the activities were recorded by me for NHK WORLD Kawaii International, which you can watch the show TOMORROW! 


There are 3 ways to watch Kawaii International!


If you are subscribed to cable TV / Satellite / IPTV / DTH / eetc, you can watch NHK WORLD on your TV 


You can also watch NHK WORLD TV live streaming 24 hours for free on their website. Simply go to NHK WORLD WEBSITE and click on "LIVE' button at the top of the NHK WORLD page. Some of the programs are archived and available as well for a certain period after they are broadcast


You can download free NHK WORLD Apps to see the programs anytime! You can watch it through smartphone and tablet devices, available for Android or iPhone/iPad. Click the icon below that directs you to the page, or you can search NHK World App on your Google Play or Apple Store

How about Ep 71 ?

You can watch it at 6th October 2017, UTC Time 0:30 / 6:30 / 13:30 / 18:30
Or on WIB Time, it is 6th October 2017 07.30 / 13:30 / 20:30  and 7th October 3:30

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