How to Get Baby Skin Face

September 25, 2017

I've ever wondered how the popular artists like Victoria Beckham or Reese Witherspoon managed to juggle busy life schedule from morning to dawn but still retained a baby face skin complexion. What kind of treatment do they have and how much should I spent to get such a pretty appearance?

I took a research and found a brand named EMK Beverly Hills which has been established and well known since 2001. This brand used to be sold in USA only, but thanks to Maia Estianty who both the official ambassador and official distributor in Indonesia, now I can purchase it online and receive the product within 3-5 days only. As I use the complete series of EMK Beverly Hills for about three weeks, I noticed the change I have never experienced before. What is that? Keep on reading to know more!

Before going much about the result, I would like to spill the super secret of the product which attracts artists and me as well. It is the power of Botanical Bio Identic Placenta Protein which extracted from plant's placenta extract. I am thankful for the modern technology in skincare which can absorb the full benefit from nature and beautify our face instantly.

Placenta has been very popular lately due to its ability to regenerate new cell. Even a drop of placenta's extract can penetrate to the deepest layer of our hypodermic. Wow, it's extremely powerful! Not to mention, EMK used placenta from flower which concentrated in amino acid, protein and peptides, the very ingredients to stimulate natural skin repair process. However, not every single flower we pluck on the street can produce this placenta. EMK's placenta comes from a special flower in Central America called Agave Cactus.

On top of that, the chemists from EMK created a delivery system that works well with natural placenta. It's called Synercell. This technique will stimulate our skin cell to regenerate and boost the production of collagen and elastin. That's why EMK products can give you a baby face skin and leave you no worries with aging!


I have tried EMK's best products from its Rescue SerumFace TreatmentStem Cell White Caviar, and the Repairing Face Cream. I also tried its base cosmetic called Glowin Tinted Cream. Each of the product is packaged so elegantly in a glass bottle with a combination of silver or gold lid. The luxury experience for skin care with benefit that works surprisingly above my expectations.

The first one I would like to introduce is the Rescue serum. It is the ultimate repair treatment which is created from natural plant concentrates such as Agave Cactus, Tea Tree, Shiitake Mushroom and Vitamin A, C and E. This serum is best used for skin recovery after operation, irritation or chemical peeling. It is packaged in a dove glass bottle and gold-lid serum pipe. I prefer the use of pipe for serum because it will be more hygienic and prevent the serum to be contaminated by bacteria. In addition to that, the watery texture of the serum will be easily spilled too much when no pipe is used. As for me, it helps to improve my skin firmness and prevent wrinkles. It delivers pronounced regenerative and moisturizing benefits to excessively dry and damaged skin. Tips to use this serum, I mix 1-3 drops of the serum with Face Cream to speed up the absorption in my face.

You can't missed the next product I'm going to tell. It is the famous Face Treatment from EMK Beverly Hills. It is so famous that people say it is one of the best from EMK product line. The packaging is so eye-catching with green jar, topped with gold lid. On the other hand, the texture is like a transparent mask that feels so creamy. I recommended this face treatment to be used for those who have sensitive, red or irritated face.

I personally have dry skin complexion, but after using it 7 days non-stop in my first week treatment (single use without any mix with other products), I feel my skin smoother and glowing! Not to mention, the Agave Cactus Bioplacenta ingredient helps to minimize my pores and in effect, it also lessen blackheads. There are many more benefits from this product. For you who wants to get all in one benefit such as whitening, supple skin, firm skin, glowing face, medicate acne scars, clear up wrinkles, then this product must be on top of your beauty purchase list. Guaranteed you won't regret this product!

Stem Cell White Caviar is a whitening serum that contains Solawhite, a pure whitening ingredients from pearls. From the appearance from its transparent bottle, we can see small white pearls lotion. When I try to swatch it in my hand, the pearls breaks into pearl particles and pretty runny. It works as an instant brightener serum, reduce the black spot and uneven skin color. Sometimes I feel my skin got dull due to heavy application of make up, but the serum makes perfect help to brighten it in a second.

The particle texture is fine and goes transparent once it's blended well. It's really an interesting sight to see how the pearl caviar disappears right through my skin

The next skincare I tried from EMK line product is Repairing Face Cream or as known as Optima Face Cream. To differentiate from Face Treatment, this Repairing Face Cream is packaged in a dove jar with white lid. The cream is light, watery and cool, somehow it gives refreshing feeling to my face. Although it can be used any time in a day, I would recommend to use it as a day cream, which applied after cleansing the face. Usually, I mix it with Stem Cell White Caviar for best absorption. The active ingredients include Agave Cactus Bioplacenta, Jojoba Oil, Chamomile, Rosemary, Hawthorn Berry, Algae, Shea Butter, Vanilla, Coffee Bean, Vitamin A and Vitamin E. With these much ingredients, the face cream can stimulate our skin cell to actively produce collagen and improves the elasticity of our skin. It also protects our skin from the damage of free radicals.

From left to right : 
Rescue Serum, Stem Cell White Caviar, Face Treatment, Face Cream

As I mentioned above, the texture for the Rescue Serum is watery, the texture for the Stem Cell White Caviar is pretty runny pearl particle, the texture for the Face Treatment is creamy transparent mask, and the last, the texture of the Face Cream is light, watery and cool cream.


Here is my before-after face after using all of the above skin treatments. Surprisingly, I love the result way too much. I love how it makes my skin feel so fresh and jelly-like, elastic and bouncy, an instant baby-skin face only after several weeks of usage. Moreover, my skin tone is getting more even and the skin texture has improved a lot, it is indeed very 'creamy'. I will tell you more about the steps using the above products to achieve this baby-skin result

- The first 7 days, I only used the Face Treatment every night.
- The next week, every morning, I used Face Cream combined with Rescue Serum.
While for the night treatment, I used the Face Treatment only 2 times/week, combined with Stem Cell White Caviar.
You can consult with the EMK Staff prior purchasing the product to find out which step works for you.


EMK doesn't only come with skincare but it has its base cosmetic, and what's better than having the BB Cream for our daily coverage? For daily natural make up, I rarely want to use heavy make up application and as a replacement, I wear Glowin Tinted Cream. This multi function cream contains SPV 30 UVA/UVB to protect our skin from UV damage due to exposure from sun radiation. It is contained in a luxury white tube. What I like the most from this product is the color of the cream that is formulated to match Asian's skin color complexion

The texture is really easy to blend and merge with my skin tone, no particolored or grey-ish color, just perfectly natural shade. For me it works as sunscreen and BB cream at the same time, it gives satin glowing effect which is suitable for my Japanese look, not too dewy like most of Korean cosmetics. It is suitable for both acne skin and sensitive skin. When the time comes to wear heavy make up, I find this product also works best as a primer prior application of make up foundation.

As you can see above, the cream texture is so smooth and easily blend with skin. When applied at face, it can completely hide our pores and gives instant whitening effect.

where to buy?

My best verdict for EMK Beverly Hills Skin Care and Cosmetics, it's all SUPERB. Top notch for whitening, anti-aging, skin regeneration and rejuvenation. When even Hollywood artists trust EMK Beverly Hills for daily skin treatment, why won't you try for yourself?

And remember, you can only purchase the product from the official reseller of EMK Indonesia at Instagram @cynthia_emkshop, Facebook Cynthia_EMKshop - EMK Beverly Hills or direcly LINE to @cynthia_emkshop or Whatsapp at 0812-1004-7787.

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