PIXY Asian Beauty Trip Event

September 17, 2017

Last Saturday I went to Plaza Senayan thanks to PIXY Indonesia invitation to attend the Grand Final Night of PIXY Asian Beauty Trip, which was the competition held for a few months back. All the contestants were trying their best to be the winner to be the winners as the top 3 would receive contract from PIXY Indonesia and free trip to Japan! 

I still remember years back when it was so hard for me to visit my beloved country, and I did remember the feeling again when I was seeing them eager to be the winners. I wanted to root for everyone and if only I could make everyone fly to Japan, I would. I know the country has its charm and the beauty industry over there is heavenly for women all over the world

The event was located at XXI Plaza Senayan, filled with Beauty Influencers and Enthusiasts including some medias that want to report the event as well. I met Miharu Julie and Cindy Karmoko there and they're always so sweet. The theme for that day's event is pink-peach which I incorporated on my bag that I bought in Shibuya109 

The contestants were all so pretty and stylish, thank God I am not the judge otherwise I would be so confused to pick the winners. But a competition is always a competition, and the best 3 whom won the prizes were so happy when they heard about the announcement. Look at their faces! :")

Thank you PIXY Indonesia for inviting me to be the witness of this event, and I hope you could beautify Indonesian women more through Japanese touch, and hopefully fly more people to Japan in the future through similar contests! 

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