8 Reasons to Sign Up at 121FitnessJapan

September 19, 2017

Body goals, a favorite social media campaign and trend that make all the teen girls gone crazy dieting, from mayo, paleo, keto, whatever you called it. I had body goals issue too! I might look small and thin, but I got a dreadful flabby belly I can't help. 2 months ago, I was in a stage of "YOLO" (You Only Live Once), so I carelessly consume deep fried food (which is my forever enemy), I ate instant noodles, I drank soft drinks and as expected, I bubbled.

Seriously, if you can touch the surface of my belly, you will feel like I'm getting 3 months pregnant.

Yes, it was this bad . . .

Apparently, I am so good at hiding my upper body's fat through fashion styling so it's not very obvious. But when I look at myself in front of mirror these days, I feel unhappy toward my own body. I know the reason. For the past 1.5 years I have been traveling so much, back and forth, and neglect the healthy life style. I no longer went to gym and as I age, my metabolism is not like my younger self #hardtruth.

Hence, a strong desire to start a gym life came to me and I was being introduced to this Japanese Fitness Center called "121FitnessJapan" (I do fancy Japanese' girls slim body figure, so why not?)

121FitnessJapan is the first Japanese specialty gym program based on scientific base and personal trainer from Japan. It offers a distinctive "1 on 1" gym training for you who doesn't like to gym alone. Not to mention, it also has numerous Japanese specialty that makes it totally different to other common gyms. And you all know, I am crazy about anything "JAPAN" so, it is a must for a Stella Lee to sign up at this gym as well.

I enrolled for one month full training, committed to follow their gym rules in order to get rid of this flabby belly, losing weight and build an abs as a bonus. Before the course started, I had to register and receive proper guidance upfront to make sure that I am well informed about how 121FitnessJapan works. After a month hitting the gym, I have concluded reasons why I recommend to sign up at 121FitnessJapan! 

1. private room
Don't you sometimes feel lack of confidence when hitting the gyms and all you can see is girls wearing sport bra, showing off their abs, and you walk nowhere, finding the empty gym tools, but it's all taken and then you wait in the corner room, awkwardly? Worry no more girls, 121FitnessJapan has a PRIVATE ROOM for you to do your training. Amazing isn't it? There's a mirror inside the room to enable us looking at the reflection of our whole body, from top to toe and decide what kind of body goals we're going to achieve. Also there's one committed Personal Trainer who will train you in your own private room, with nobody else using the gym tools - no waiting time, very effective, efficient and keep your privacy safe. It is also suitable for you who doesn't like to do gym alone.

Yes, I meant it. The membership fee is already include a Personal Trainer that will be fully committed to help you (FYI, there's also native Japanese PT!). The program is 8 visits in one month, and all the fees are all included. No hidden cost, no additional cost. What a bliss. It is especially important for the beginners to be trained by a PT because PT will personally coach you how to use the gym tools and fix your posture when using the tools. You don't want to hurt your muscles or body during the training right? I was vacuum for 2 years prior hitting the gym and I felt thankful for the PT presence in my training, he coached me very well about the right body posture when using different kind of gym tools. After a week, I felt all of my muscle screaming!

I'm not a morning person and I am super busy with blogging life, sometimes it's hard to find the fix schedule to hit the gym. Regular schedule is not for me because my whole life is so different than 9 to 5 people, hence I can only make it when I have free slot. 121FitnessJapan comes with a very flexible gym time, from 6 AM in the morning until 11 PM in the night. Sometimes I make excuses that the gym is not open yet or has closed already but in fact it's just because of my laziness. No excuses can be made up, cause the gym will open 17 hours a day to welcome me in.

It is named 121FitnessJapan without no purpose. You will be trained in Japanese Diet method! What's the difference? One thing I know, Japanese is VERY STRICT in its diet. Thus, you will begin your gym life with a proper consultation and a guidance book about Japanese dieting lifestyle. The Japanese Diet Method was developed by some professional trainers who studied it directly from Japan. his method not just only lower your fat mass but in a meantime increase your muscle mass. When doing this method, the appearance of the trained body will change significantly and not easily turn back to the old body. Any other diet we know such as mayo, paleo, keto, etc make both of our fat mass and muscle mass decrease and as the result, our body will not get tone and lean. Moreover, it has yo-yo effect that turns our body to original fat body when we stop doing the diet. FYI, I lost 3kgs within 1 month and I got tone and lean body muscle too. I lost weight in a healthy way, my body did not suffer from yo-yo effect and I will be happily applying this diet method in my life. Impressive!

Commitment and consistency are very hard to maintain, I feel you and so do the PT. During the training, you will be invited to a group chat with your PT. He will monitor all the meals you consume during the day and monitor your gym routines. He's there to SUPPORT, NOT TO DISTURB you. You feel supported when you know he done something to benefits you, you feel disturbed when all he's done is just nag you and pull you down. I appreciate their full support during my training, I never felt this kind of hospitality in the other gyms. That's Japanese Omotenashi for you.

When it comes to diet, temptations will 100 times working harder to win over our determination. The PT knows it and he helped choosing what I should consume whenever I go out. It is extremely useful for me, so whenever I wandering along at mall and want to try a restaurant but getting confused what to eat, I just chat my PT and he will recommend some menu for diet. Or sometimes, I just send the meal photo and the PT will review it on the group chat that I mentioned above, what's ok and what's not ok for the next meals. You can't cheat girls!

In every visit, before the gym training started, the PT will check our improvement in detail. They will record the fluctuation of our body weight, the increase in muscle mass, the decrease in body fat and many more. For me personally, this helps me to know how's my improvement over time and remind me to catch up my body goals. I felt super happy when the scales shifted to left, it means I had lost some weight or got muscles increased. Though the numbers dont talk about your progress 100%, but reading it is such a satisfaction.

121FitnessJapan claims to reduce weight in a good way within 30 days and help you achieve the body goals you dream of. But what if, after all those diets, gym, supports, you haven't gotten any changes in your body? Money Back Guarantee! Yes, you will certainly get full refund if nothing changes in 30 days. That's how confident 121FitnessJapan can get rid of your fat. So, there's no excuse for you to not try it!

There are times when I feel like quitting. It is so human to feel tired, lazy, or demotivated after some time. But thanks to the PT and their endless live support. They always succeed in bringing my gym mood back, set fire to myself to reach my body goals. After the gym I felt like dying and my muscles went cramped.. But it's for a good cause and I know I am doing it for a better version of myself

So how's the result?

Take a look on my before-after photos below. The duration between the left and the right photo is exactly 1 month. I gain confidence over my new body. I get rid over flabby belly, my arms getting smaller, my lower back become toner and sure thing, I lost 3 kgs!

There's no photoshop involved, neither tummy-breathing-suck in.

You can watch the Youtube video on how I do my Japanese gym training below:

It is worth it to try this newly Japanese gym considering the 8 benefits I shared on above. The good news is, you can sign for FREE TRIAL too! Come and feel my experience, share on below comment if you like it as much as I do. Simply contact them through social media / phone call to sign for your free trial! 

121FitnessJapan is located in Ruko Wisteria Ⅱ Jl.Panglima Polim Raya 7B, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan and the phone number is (021) 22774481. Check further info and promos at their Facebook & Instagram 

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