Life Changing 2017

January 10, 2018

First post of 2018
2018 has been so great to the point I almost forgot about the existence of this blog
My real life has gone so much better and though 2017 was pretty hard and life changing, I grew up the most on that year. I love 2017 despite its hardship and up & down, because what is life without level up

So what did I do in 2017?

- Debut Movie in Indonesia through Galih dan Ratna, directed by Lucky Koeswandi

It's my first time acting in big screen even though I have done semi-drama through Kokoro no Tomo Pop before. I played as Erin, the main character's friend, and I had the privilege of doing my own make up because the director wanted Stella Lee's character on the set. It's a great experience that not everyone can have and I am grateful for that

- Sariayu Beauty Trip Campaign in Gili, Lombok

I had always wanted to visit Gili and even better because I did a beauty campaign shooting with my favorite local brand in this beautiful island. Though unfortunately the schedule was so tight and we didnt have enough time to explore the island, it's definitely a great trip and I wanna be back for my private holiday! 

- Official Blogger for Miss Indonesia X Sariayu 2017

Definitely a honor to be an official blogger of Sariayu X Miss Indonesia again in 2017!


My most favorite hair color in my entire life thanks to japanese hair stylist's skill, which is NALU in Omotesando! Everyone compliments this color and I wanna have it again!

- Kawaii.i Campus Launching

Just at the right time to see the launching of Kawaii.i Campus from NHK International in Tokyo and met so many kawaii people!

- Japan 3 Times in A Year

I still remember how difficult it was to achieve this dream. This year I traveled to Japan 3 times in Winter (February) for 2 weeks, Spring (April) for 1 month, and Fall (November) for another 1 month. In total I spend 2.5 months in Japan in a year, which was not bad! Should I break the record this year?

- Travel Expansion

I have expanded my blog into travel more + received opportunities to work with big hotel brands such as Hoshinoya, Intercontinental, Mandarin Oriental, and so on. Love my job!

- Turned 25!

I had my mid life crisis and it was real. There were some doubts and fear but I survived! Especially for an ENTJ + Virgo like me, my mind was so full of many things but I am glad because I grew up to be a person I wanted to be. I feel I am much more mature and wise compared to my early 20's, I know how to dress up better, I have better financial matter, I have amazing friends, I am healthy, I travel a lot, and my job is amazing

- Christmas in Europe

I have always wanted to have christmas in Europe and finally I can make it come true in my 25's. I took a break from work for 1 month and stopped accepting work during those time (unless it's a contract that has been set months ago). I travel from France to Czech to Austria to Spain and to another mysterious destination that I haven't revealed it yet as of now. But well, it's a nice change of wind because I have been traveling to Japan too much and I need something new to inspire me

- My First Chanel

As a present for my 25 year old self for working hard and saving enough, I got my first chanel in Paris (turns out Spain's tax refund is much higher than France, ugh!!! I wish I knew earlier!). As someone who doesn't really pamper myself, I decide to give myself a reward through the trip and the shopping experience and I am so prouf of myself. Now let me pat my back

- Assistant Director of KOKORO NO TOMO

There's no pictures on instagram or whatsoever but I just put random IG picture in Japan at that time. So, I am working as Kokoro no Tomo assistant director for their newest season of Kokoro no Tomo and I am so grateful for the experience. It's definitely tough and different but I am glad I tried the opportunity and did something out of my comfort zone

Turned out there were so many things that I did in 2017. I struggled mentally and physically, I encountered more people and made more friends, I had more stories in love-related that year, I grew up as an adult, I knew more about investment, I retrieved my passion back in photography and fashion, I gained more self-confidence, and I surrendered my life to God more

There were plans that I made and successfully being crashed but there were things that I didn't expect either. After all I learned to be content and believe whatever happened in 2017 was for a big reason. I no longer whined when things didn't go according to my way because I believe God made it a purpose

It was definitely a great year for me

So my resolution in 2018?
It's just really simple
You guys know that I always have long list resolution about what I wanna do, where I wanna go to, and so on. But in 2018 I just wanna keep it simple

I want to be happy and I want to be a great cause

As simple as that
I dont know if it's an improvement or the other way around, but I am happy with my resolution 
10 days have passed and 2018 has shown me so many amazing things
Let's conquer this year! 

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  1. You have done well Ci Stella. I'm actually crying reading this post of you. in your 25 you have done a lot by yourself. It motivates me even more :)

  2. nice share from you
    really like those amazing photos

  3. stop spreading your toxic attitude and behavior. especially your toxic positivity and other toxics you has