Kaila Lightening Skin Care Body Lotions For Daily Super Skin Food

December 30, 2017

Hi girls, several weeks ago I was invited by Kaila to attend its launching event on 9 December 2017. Kaila just launched its Lightening Skin Care Body Lotion and I was so excited to attend this event because I could meet with my beauty blogger fellas and get informed by the latest skin care product by Kaila.

The event was very light and entertaining, also there were many games that educated us about the 8 natural essences ingredients in Kaila product. These 8 natural essences ingredients are Seaweed, Macadamia, Calendula, Chamomile, Wheat, Avocado, Jojoba, and Yam Bean. These all are super skin food that can help to moisturize, smoothen, and brighten the appearance of the skin!

As I mentioned before, these body lotions can lighten our skin appearance, but in addition to that, all of them are contain UV protection that can help to protect skin from harmful effects sunlight. Personally, I think this is a very important benefit that I need the most from body lotions since I’m also hitting the road jumping from one event to another every day, I obviously need a body lotion that can protect my skin from the damage that may be caused by sun radiance. Not to mention, Kaila body lotions have also been Dermatologically tested to ensure it can be suitable for all skin types and have been HALAL certified from MUI!

There are 3 variants of Kaila Body Lotions: Pomegranate Bliss, Melon Fantasy, and Strawberry Passion.

-    Pomegranate Bliss: Pomegranate is popular with its antioxidant essence and thus this body lotion can protect our skin from damage from free radicals in our surrounding environment. Furthermore, it can also help brightening our skin appearance. Bye-bye dull skin! This body lotion has smooth pome fragrance, packaged in sweet purple lotion bottle. The texture is also very smooth and watery, so it can be easily absorbed by our skin and won't left you with a sticky feeling.
-    Melon Fantasy: Following its name, it has fantasy smells, the mix of sweet and fresh fragrance that is truly my favorite. It helps to brighten our skin, make it shiny every day. I must say, the fragrance of this body lotion is hard to be forgotten. You will be eager to wear it every day before leaving the house. It is packaged in fresh green lotion bottle with the melon picture in it.

-    Strawberry Passion: Who are strawberry lovers here? If you are one of the strawberry fans, then this body lotion with extra moisturizing ingredients will become your new favorite skin care. It can also help brighten our skin appearance. It is very smooth and has watery texture, very quickly absorbed and surely won’t be sticky on your skin.

So, are you guys interested to try this new skin care body lotion? I recommend this body lotion for your daily use, especially if you seek a halal body lotion with a lightening effect, then this must be on your top list. You can buy this product in Kaila Official Store in Shopee.

Anyway, curious to know more about what is super skin food, what is its benefit, and more updates from Kaila Body Lotions? Go follow the Instagram account of @kailanatural or its Facebook account “Kaila Natural, and subscribe YouTube Channel “Kaila Natural”.

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