Teppanyaki with Tokyo Tower View - Teppanyaki Akasaka

December 14, 2017

There are two things in Tokyo that always captivate me whenever I visit the town, it's the food and Tokyo Tower. For me Tokyo Tower is always so romantic to look at, a classic tower that represents Tokyo. And we all know how good Japanese foods are, especially in Japan. One of the most sought after experience in Japan is the Kobe Beef which is famous for its beautiful marble and melted meat. So what if those two are combined into one experience? 

I had an opportunity to try Teppanyaki Akasaka that I had been eyeing for a while. It's located at ANA InterContinental Tokyo, Roppongi. It is located next to Tokyo Midtown and the hotel itself has beautiful view of Tokyo Tower from their restaurants, bars, and hotel rooms. Teppanyaki Akasaka itself is located at 37th floor 

Before the course, I ordered champagne as always!

The one that I had was TAJIMA - Seafood and Superior Kobe Beef
However there are other courses suitable for your own and seasonal courses as well. For the complete menu, visit their page HERE

Since it's teppanyaki experience, the chef will be cooking in front of you and watching him cooking is also a part of the performance and fun experience. He will be also showing you the fresh ingredients before he cooks it

Seared scorched beef with Miso & Kujo Leeks and Sushi-Sashimi Appetizer

It was my first time seeing abalone that big and fresh, I also uploaded it on my IG Story before the abalone was cooked. It was moving vigorously, showing how fresh it is! Because I had the course with a friend of mine, we got to share the lobster and abalone to try each of it, perks of eating out with a friend! 


Perfect lobster and abalone, with 3 different sauces (wasabi, negi tare, and shoyu). Also some rock salt for your taste
Japanese often give you choices of sauces and seasoning so you can try eating it in different ways and find out your preference! For me I love the negi tare the most! 

Here's the main dish of the course, A5 Sirloin Kobe Beef! 


The chef handled it beautifully and cooked it medium rare as I requested (+ as he recommends)

It was 130gr but feel free to increase the portion if you wish for more (with a charge)
The Kobe Beef was presented with 3 sauces, 2 kinds of salt, salad, teppanyaki vegetables, as well as crispy garlic. I love how adding fresh wasabi to the meat gives it extra fragrant and richer taste, so definitely my favorite sauces among them to savour my beef! 

You can ask for the garlic rice alongside the meat or after, as for me I chose to eat it along with my meat halfway. The rice was from Sado, Niigata Prefecture. Niigata is famous for having delicious rice and uniquely the chef presented the garlic rice with live-made rice cracker on top! 


It is not just for gourmet, but also for those of you who love to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tokyo! 

For dessert, we got some chocolates and fruits along with warm tea

I truly enjoyed my dinner experience at this restaurant. The atmosphere was also pretty casual and a lot of guests talked to the chef and took pictures as well. It's definitely different than other luxury dining experiences where it feels stiff and too formal. Maybe because it's also because it is teppanyaki style, where there are a few attractions from the chef like flambe and such. For the price is of course expensive but you can't get the real A5 Kobe Beef lower than that, especially if you're eating at luxury hotels along with beautiful views, so you get what you pay for! They also open for lunch service, where you can enjoy day view, and the course fee is lower than dinner

If you're interested, make sure to check out the website and bookmark it for your future restaurant experience in Tokyo. Hope you had a good time there! 

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  1. Everything looks absolutelly delicious and that view is so beautiful! I love your dress too! Looks like you had lots of fun!

    Olga from Myme