MOS Wagamama Burger

December 12, 2017

わがまま (read : wagamama) means to be selfish, demanding, self-centered, and so on. It can be used for negative or positive connotation however on this time, the context of Wagamama is about do it whatever you want. MOS Cafe at Plaza Senayan just came up with a new style of burger set for this holiday season, which is Wagamama Burger

Basically for Wagamama Burger, you're your own boss! You can get any main you want, combined with which style you like whether it's MOS Burger famous charcoal bun, tomato bun, rice bun, or greens. As for the toppings, it's really up to you as well as the sauces. There's also a set drink and side dishes available as well and for me, eating a burger can't never be this fun! 

First Style : Roast Beef with Tomato Bun, with some cheese, mini salad, and fried shrimp. I got to have 3 sauces which was Basil Sauce, Tomato Sauce, and Mango Jam. For me the Mango Jam Sauce was really fresh and unique! The portion is pretty huge as well and the Roast Beef is cooked well! 

Second Style : Wagyu Beef with Black Charcoal Bun along with some veggies and eggs. For the sauces I had mayonnaise and wasabi cream. I am not a fan of wasabi but surprisingly this one has only a hint of it, making it really unusual with its tanginess. I really recommend you to try the wasabi cream because I never find it anywhere else! 

Behold for any low-carb customers! You can also change the bun to greens, which becomes practically a salad bowl LOL I got 150gr Salmon Fry along with fresh veggies, eggs, and vegetable chips perfected with their Goma Sauce! I love the crunchiness and the salmon is perfectly cooked. Never can go wrong with this choice!

As for me, my whole dining experience at MOS Cafe was once again truly ecstatic. They have come with a lot of good quality menus and fresh ingredients with such an awesome affordable price. MOS Cafe is located at Plaza Senayan, 3rd Floor. If you're at the restaurant and would like to get quality Japanese foods, don't forget to come by to this restaurant and I swear it wont break a bank! 


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